Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day out with Daddy.

Lately, Mommy has been sick so we've been stuck at home. After getting really tired of being home, Daddy agreed to take me bye-bye. I was so excited to go and have some guy time with Daddy. We got dressed and ready to go and decided we'd just wing it and figure out what to do as we went. We ended up going over to Daddy's friend, Travis's house. It was nice to be around other kids since I haven't been in a while now. We had lots of fun.

I was all smiles the whole time. They even had cars for me to play with.

And we all know how much I love cars. I did make sure to take a couple of my toys too, they were 3 girls. So I took a few airplanes and called it good.

Since I was the youngest, I got a lot of attention from the girls too. So much to the point that they tried to make me look like a girl by putting my hair in piggy tales and putting some of Aerial's clothes on me. Let me tell you, Daddy was quite surprised when they brought me out of their room. We won't share that picture.

I even got to show off my muscles. I'd make a good gymnast. I can't wait til I'm big enough to do the real monkey bars.

I had a lot of fun holding on and keeping my legs up in the air. I amazed Daddy with all my strength :)

And occasionally, Daddy caught me in the act. What act am I talking about? Well its the thing we call the duck walk. And that is what I do when I'm trying not to poop. I don't like to poop, so I run and hide and do my duck walk. A boy gotta do what a boy gotta do.
A couple weeks ago, Daddy took me to the circus. They were only in town for one night and since Mommy was sick, she sent Daddy and me. Let me tell you, it was so much fun and so cool!! I got to see elephants and tigers! I almost rode an elephant too but we ran out of time! I can't wait for the circus to come again. Once we got home, I talked and talked and talked some more to Mommy all about it.
Hopefully soon we can get out and do some stuff with my friends that I miss. Then Mommy will have a lot more to tell you about.
That's all for now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Days...

We got snow! I love the snow. And lucky for me, we got enough to actually play in! And sled too!! The first day, me and Austin got to play out there together. It was a lot of fun. We both hopped on my sled and Mommy pulled us up the hill. Along the way we were trying to grab some snow and make snow balls. That didn't work out to well. I didn't realize that I needed to hold the clumps of snow gently so they wouldn't break apart. The snow wasn't wet enough for actual snow balls. So no snowman building for us that day. We had a hard time walking in the snow. There was like 8 inches! But, either way, it was still fun to be out there with my buddy.

As you can tell, I really like to be outside. With snow, or without. It's just a little more fun with it.

At one point, Austin's mommy ran down the hill with me on the sled. I loved it! Except when I'd fall backwards cause I couldn't hold myself sitting up. It was a little like whiplash.

And we chased Austin down the hill.. That was a really good day.

A few days later, when Daddy was home, we went out and played again. Marley makes a good sled dog. She especially likes it when you throw her a snowball to chase. I laughed the entire ride. This day, we got to make a snowman. And I got to throw a few snowballs too. Mommy and Daddy both helped make my snowman.

Daddy liked showing me how to roll the snow in the big ball. It was hard to do by myself so he helped push it. I wanted a really big snowman.

So we rollled, and rolled, and rolled.

Than we flattened a little to make the body parts stay together.

Added a little more snow on the middle. Then me and Daddy went hiking past the stream in back to find some sticks for my snowman's arms.

Packed a little snow between body parts to keep him together, and put some eyes, a nose, mouth, buttons, arms, and a scarf. And you know what you get? A snowman!

I thought he needed just a little more snow. Before we found the sticks, I thought it'd be a good idea to make some arms out of snow. I even put some on the snowman and said that it was his arms. Mommy and Daddy thought that was pretty funny since they hadn't mentioned anything about arms to me yet.
After over a hour outside, it was time to go inside and take a nice long nap. Happy days.