Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! This year, Mommy and Daddy decided if I didn't get tired and cranky before midnight, that I could stay up with them... Well.. guess what? I didn't get tired and cranky! So.. I made it to midnight! And we even lit a few sparklers too. I was a little unsure about them at first since our incident at the 4th of July party, but soon enough I wanted to hold one.

I mean, I needed to help Daddy out and everything. His hands were full ya know. But I was ready to give it back when it got about halfway down. That was a little too close for me.

But I definitely begged Daddy to go back outside and light another one. And I held it again.

But once it got too close I passed it off to Mommy and stood next to her. A good night for me. Now its off to bed. Happy New Years!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had as good of one as I did and that Santa brought lots of things for you! He brought me a lot! I was so excited when I saw that he came! And to top things off, it snowed during the night! I love the snow! While I didn't get to open presents right away and we decided to eat breakfast first (mmm potato pancakes) I did love tearing into all the presents! He brought me all sorts of cool toys! I got some cars, trucks, bikes, clothes, a guitar, some puzzles, and all sorts of other fun stuff from Santa, Mommy and Daddy, Nana and Papa, and Grandpa and Grandma Geiss! My friend Ethan and his Mommy and Daddy even sent me a present too! It's a cool utility ATV that I ride in! So exciting!! I loved everything. I'd open a present and was ready to play with it right then and there. But that's how its supposed to be, right? I also made sure to show Nana and Papa them too, they were on webcam the whole time I was opening. It was a lot of fun. And when I was done opening mine, I got to help Daddy open his. It was a good day. After opening all the toys, I made sure to play with each and every one. It was a good day! We just spent the day at home in our jammies...And I played and played and played some more. What could be better?
The tree and all the presents!
Smiling with Mommy..

Playing with my truck.

Opening a present.

My excitment when I saw that it was a bike.

See, I was happy.

It was a monster truck!!

Its bigger than me! That was from Ethan and his Mommy and Daddy.

My Diego truck from Nana and Papa

Can you guess what that is?

Another one from Nana and Papa
My bike was helping me open my presents.

My new guitar!!

My loot.

Reading cards with Daddy

Smiles with Daddy.

Helping Daddy open his presents.

Smiles for Mommy... It was a good day :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Letter from Santa

Today, I got a letter from Santa! You could only imagine how excited I was! He'll be here tonight and I could hardly wait! We've made him some yummy cookies and even decorated them all pretty. I'm a little jealous because I really wanted to eat the cookies myself, but Mommy kept telling me they were for Santa and maybe Santa will leave some just for me. I hope he does!

Everything has been very slow lately. I have ear infections again. They're not fun. So I get to be on yummy medicine. I remind Mommy to give it to me. I also remind her to give me my vitamin too. So smart huh?

I'm really excited for tomorrow. I hope Santa brings me all sorts of toys and presents. I've been trying really hard to be a good boy so I could be on the nice list. I don't want to be on the naughty list.

Mommy and Daddy will take lots of pictures tomorrow. I hope everyone has a really Merry Christmas and I love and miss you all!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Express

This week has kind of been a busy week. On Tuesday, we went to this thing called Holiday Express on post. They had all sorts of Christmas things there. All kinds of booths and things for kids to do and even Santa was there! Mommy had been telling me about Santa a lot and I wanted to go and see him already. I already knew what I was going to tell him too. I was going to tell him I wanted toys. And candy. I was ready. So we stood in the long line to see Santa. I started to get a little nervous and then it was my turn. I sat on his lap, a little unsurely, but then he gave me a candy cane and I was good. Mommy doesn't have a picture for that one yet because they haven't loaded them on the website yet. Soon though. Mommy really doesn't have any pictures from that night because 1) Daddy was at work still so it was hard for her to handle me AND the camera. Especially since all I could think about was grabbing that cool ceramic train Mommy told me I couldn't touch. 2) Even though my diaper was changed right before getting there, I managed to completely soak through my pants after maybe only a hour there. And Mommy left my extra at home because she didn't think we'd need them. Won't do that again. Otherwise, I had a fun time. There were lots of people there.

On Thursday, I got to play with a bunch of my friends at Laura's house. We all ran and screamed and caused trouble. It was fun. But that wasn't the only thing going on that night. Daddy's work was having a holiday party that night too. So Daddy came and picked us up and away we headed. When we first walked in, the first thing I noticed was all the jumpers they had there!! They even had a smaller one just for the little guys like me! I was so excited to start jumping. I've never really been interested before or even actually jumped in one, only gone down the ones with slides and stuff, but man did I love jumping in this one! And when there was another kid with me, I was even more excited. I really like other kids and I'm not too shy around them. I'm always saying hi to them, or trying to get them to play and stuff like that. I just like other kids. So we'd jump, and fall, and laugh and play. It was just fun. Eventually it was time to get out and eat though. After eating, we did a cake walk and I won. I picked out some yummy looking peppermint bark. It's just white and milk chocolate topped with crushed candy cane. Yum. And after that, Santa came!! So we stood in line so I could talk to him again. I wasn't as nervous this time, and I sat willingly, but I wouldn't really smile. I'd just crack a really small smile that looked more sad then happy. But don't let that fool you, I sat on his lap for a while. And then when my turn was up, I wanted to sit on it again. After, I got to jump a little more and then we headed home. It was a lot of fun.

Friday, I got to hang out with my friend Ethan. He's younger then me, but he's about my size. His birthday is coming up soon. He's gonna be 1. We hang out a lot. I'm teaching him a few things.

This weekend I went to not 1 but 2 birthday parties. My friend Kenzie, who turns 2, and Aida and Adarah who're gonna be 5. I definitely had a lot of fun at both the parties. Aida and Adarah are kids that Laura has had for the year while they're Mommy is deployed. I'm sad because soon their Mommy is coming back and they'll be leaving. I ask for them when I know we're going to Franky and Laura's house. We all hang out in their room and lay in bed watching cartoons and nap together. We've even played hide and seek together and boy was that fun. Mommy is trying to let me see as much as possible before they leave. Like today, I get to see them later. Good stuff.

So that was my busy week. Mommy put some pictures up from Daddy's work party for you :)

Playing with the bean bag toss

throwing my bag in.

playing with Daddy.

Giggling with Mommy. I think she's tickling me.

sitting with Santa.

in the jumper.

I was trying to push at mommy.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Picture shoot.

Yesterday, we had a really nice day here. Mommy and Daddy thought that it would be a good day to do pictures for christmas cards. We drove around downtown trying to find the perfect spot to take said pictures and ended up at one of the places we took my 2 year pictures. Originally, Daddy wanted to wait for snow, but we don't know when or if snow is coming, so that didn't work. I wouldn't mind having some snow. I like snow. Anyways, we were gonna take pictures. I wasn't so cooperative with the whole process. I mean, I'm 2 years old, I'm not supposed to make things easy right? So after taking lots and lots of pictures we finally decided to give up and head back home. We took like 60 pictures and sure there are some good ones. Not great ones, but good. So Mommy is gonna see what she could put together and call it good. So Mommy put up some of the pictures we took. She left out the ones that are possible for the card so as she narrows it down, she'll upload more. Enjoy the many faces of me :)

I did a lot of this face.

cheesing it up.

blowing kisses

kissing mommy's cheek

telling a story.


reach reach reach!

I didn't seem to smile with my eyes open.

Daddy telling me to smile. Yawn.

Really closing my eyes tight for this one.


camera...what camera

playing with rocks.

rolling around.

Are we done yet?
I almost forgot. Mommy added my christmas list on the left sidebar :) Just so you know.