Sunday, May 31, 2009

Waterpark fun.

Today Mommy and Daddy took me to the pool for a little bit. It's really cool! There's waterslides, things that float on the water and you try to hold yourself on them and cross the water, other floating things, and the toddler play area with spray stuff and was about 1 1/2 feet deep. I loved it there! We stayed for over an hour and I still didn't want to leave when it was closing. I made sure to let Mommy know that too. I did have a few troubles (falling underwater) a couple times but Mommy grabbed me quickly and it didn't even phase me. There was also this one kid getting on Mommy and my nerves. He even pushed me and I went underwater (again Mommy was there to catch me) and Mommy told him it wasn't nice to push me and I didn't know how to swim. He was way older than me too! Mommy finally told him to leave me alone because he kept bugging me. But other then that, I had a great time! When we got home, Mommy was trying to get some things done so she put Ants the cartoon movie on for me. I wasn't into it for a little bit but then I climbed up on the couch and laid on the pillow and the next thing I knew I was waking up and the movie was over. At dinner, I ate 2 whole hotdogs too (minus the bun). Oh yea, did I mention that I have a new baby cousin? Baby Kayleigh Grace was born this morning. Aunt Cari and Uncle Chris's baby. I get to go and see her in a couple weeks too! I'm excited!! I know Mommy is too! Well that's about it!!

I was pretty wiped out. Don't ya think?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have tonsilitis. Where I got it, we aren't too sure. All we know is, I have it. I spiked a fever of 104 degrees on tuesday night and all day I justed wasn't being me. Mommy took me to the hospital near by to have me checked out. They said that I had some virus, probably a cold or something. The next day a doctor looked at my throat and saw all the blisters back there. They didn't look at my throat at the hospital the night before. I'm doing good though, not eating as much as Mommy would like, but I will snack here and there. I get lots of yummy tylenol, yes I like tylenol. The doctor who found the blisters agreed with Mommy that the mold that is in our air could very possibly be part of the problem and made them worse then they might have been without the mold. He doesn't like me being in the mold. Can't say that I like it either. But anyways, I'm doing good, being my usual crazy self.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Puddle Jumping

Today has been a bit of a busy day. We, as in Mommy, Daddy and me, along with another family of friends, went to a place called Miner Mike's. It's kind of like Chuck E. Cheese, but with some rides (a small train roller coaster, a ferris wheel, and bumper cars...all inside too). They also had a huge soft play maze of tubes and slides and ball pits. Pretty much a kid, and some mommy and daddy's, dream. I had lots of fun! I actually rode on the ferris wheel with Mommy and Daddy and took a turn each with Mommy and Daddy on the train ride. It was fast too! I sat there with big eyes and just held on to Mommy or Daddy's hand while we rode. I actually rode twice with Daddy. And I was willing to get on the ride. Mommy crawled around with me in the tubes and the ball pit. I led the way and she helped me up in the spots I couldn't do it by myself. It was so much fun! We played some video games also and I left with a new, big, gorilla friend.

Later, when we got home, Mommy let me play outside for a little bit. I ran around with Marley and threw some rocks in the creek also. Just being a boy. She even took me out in my rain boots when it was sprinkling and I got to puddle jump. That was lots of fun also, and since it was warm out, being wet wasn't a big deal. It was so funny when Mommy would stomp in the puddles. I loved all the water flying everywhere. She was trying to teach me how to do it too. I caught on. We stayed out there for quite awhile too. Mommy took me inside when the clouds started getting really dark though. I wasn't too pleased about that. I was not ready to go inside. But I got to play in more water, the bathtub, so it was ok.

Pretty busy day, huh? I know it was, I'm sleepy!!!

Giving the look.

being as cute as can be.

throwing rocks in the water. What would a boy do without water?

trying to puddle jump.

stomping the water.

still trying to stomp the water.

jumping into the water.

water, water, water.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lots of pictures

Here are lots of pictures from the past week. Mommy now has her camera cord and was able to put them up for everyone. While Nana and Papa were here we had gone to the lake and I got to play in the water. I had so much fun in there, and I just love the water. Enjoy the pictures!!


showing some belly.

testing the water out

slowly losing my clothes

Nana had to stay in the water with me.. because I said so.

playing and having fun.

diaper was bugging me.

Mommy took some pictures of me and Nana and Papa on their last night here. Since I found the camera cord she is finally able to put them up here. There's a few of them!

The other day we went to a playdate and our friend Amber and Kaydyn's house. It was a picnic and pools playdate, so we were playing in water. I had lots of fun there! We're excited that summer is coming and it was nice and warm and not raining.

Playing squirt guns. I learned how to get the water out too.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Nana and Papa left today. They stopped by this morning for a little bit but then had to get going to the airport. Me and Mommy had to leave then too because I was getting a physical at the doctor's. I was pretty sad when they were leaving, but I know I'll see them soon. Mommy said she is going to try taking me there at the mid-end of july. So we will just have to wait and see.

Today was a busy day for me. While Mommy was getting ready in the bathroom this morning, I slipped on water the Kiko dripped by the toilet and hit my chin on the toilet, causing my to bite and cut my tongue, then hit my head on the bathroom floor. Not the best start to the morning. After the doctor we went to a playdate at baby Kaydyn's house. Her mommy and some of the other kids' mommies brought some water toys and we got to play outside in the water. It was pretty fun. I was stealing some of Emma's french fries and thought it was yummy to dip them in the water table water. Mommy wasn't as enthused as I was though. I had a really fun time there and was so tired when we left. Later, while we were at home, I got another owie. Mommy and Daddy aren't sure what I fell on (they think it was a car or something) but whatever it was cut the back of my shoulder. I came running over to Mommy after I hurt myself and she got me a cool Go, Diego, Go bandaid. I also surprised Mommy and Daddy by eating meat lasagna. I've been doing pretty good with my eating lately too.

Tomorrow we are going to a Hawaiian Luau at one of Mommy's friend's house. It should be lots of fun too! Mommy is still looking for her hiding camera cord but she will find it soon she says!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last night

Tonight was Nana and Papa's last night here. They go back home tomorrow morning. I was sad when they were saying good bye tonight, but they don't think I understand that they are leaving and I'll have to see them on the computer for a little bit until I get to go and visit them. To make things easier, Nana put me to bed. We had a busy day today so I was wiped out. We went and explored a mueseum on post today (well, I slept through most of it) and Daddy showed them where he works too. I got to play outside with Papa also, until my face was really red. It was mostly because I was hot though. Daddy made a yummy dinner and I got to swim in the bath tub. A good night. Mommy can't find the cord to her camera right now, so she's gonna put pictures later. She has lots of them she says. Tomorrow morning, I get to say bye-bye to Nana and Papa once more before they leave. They have Daddy's computer and have to drop it out, so that works out for me!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Nana and Papa got here yesterday for their visit. Mommy and Daddy kept telling me they were coming, but I didn't grasp that I would actually see them here and not on the computer. I understood yesterday though. I was outside playing with Austin since he had come to my door and wanted to play. Well, while we were out there causing trouble and banging on some of our neighbor's garage doors, and playing with some toys, Nana and Papa showed up. First, I was a little in shock and not sure what to do. So Nana is calling me and then it hit me that I shoud go over to her. I did, more like ran over to her as fast and my little legs would go, and gave her a big hug. Then I wanted to show her the toys I'd been playing with and Austin. And what did Nana bring me? How about a little tote full of trucks! Me and Austin were so excited to play with them. So we sat at the very edge of Austin's driveway (more like the beginning of the street) and played trucks. Nana even played too. Later we all went out to dinner. I got a grilled cheese and really wanted nothing to do with it. Instead I kept eating Nana's chicken. It was yummy!! I even ate some of Mommy's zuchini too! She was so surprised to see me eating those things! We went back home and I hung out with Nana and Papa some more. I didn't like when either of them would disappear though, I thought that they had left. Later Nana put me in jammies and read me a book too. I came out and said goodnight to everyone and Nana put me in bed. She seemed a little surprised at how easily I go to bed now :). Now, we're just waiting for them to wake up and call us so we could go and explore! Time to go wake Daddy up too!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


TRUCKS! That's right! I've got more trucks! Nana sent me another set of trucks and I was so excited as I was opening the package! I'm going to need a tub to carry all of my trucks in. I love each and every one of them too, you could never have too many trucks you know. So Nana sent me a whole 5 more of them! So cool!! Yesterday Daddy had another doctor appointment that we went to with him. This time it was in Springfield though. That's the closest big city to us and its still not that close. Today Mommy had work to do so I hung out with Ethan and Dave for a while. They're cool guys. We sat and watched cartoons and I was just talking it up with Dave, until I fell asleep. Mommy and Ethan's mommy came back a little while later and we headed to the store for a little bit. I sat in the cart and ate some blueberry puffs because I wouldn't be patient and let Mommy give them to me after we paid for them. Then I went and hung out with Ethan and his Daddy again while mommy and Ethan's mommy got some more things done. Me and Dave were watching Madagascar and Ethan was jumping and the next thing Dave knew, I was laying down passed out. Guess I was tired huh? So now we're home, I hung out with Daddy a little and now I'm ready for bed!

Trying to find out what was in there.
See the smile on my face when I finally got them out?

So cool!

I bargained with Mommy that I would show my teeth if she opened my trucks. That's what she got.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day at the Doc's

Today Daddy had a doctor appt in a town about a hour away and me and Mommy had to go with him. Mommy had to drive because Daddy was having a procedure done on his back and couldn't drive after it. While Daddy was back in the procedure room, me and Mommy hung out in his room. Mommy made sure to bring me a few trucks and then made a ballon for me out of a glove. I was running around the room throwing it and kicking it and just having a grand ol' time. At one point, I came across Daddy's hat and was running around wearing it and pushing the stool thing around the room too. Just having a ball. Eventually though, I decided to climb up in the chair with Mommy and the next thing Mommy knew, I was asleep. I was pretty tired. Daddy was done a little bit later and off we went! The day was pretty uneventful otherwise! Oh Mommy found the pictures from the other day too!! I guess her phone really did take them!

Running around with Daddy's hat on.
Pushing the stool around.
Cheesing for Mommy. She told me she'd give me another truck if I smiled.
Still hangin' out in Daddy's hat. Cute, uh?
Then I passed out!
And soon decided that I wanted to take a bath, fully clothed.
This is Midas. He was at the golf course and he let me ride him.
I was playing my falling game. I'm up, I run, I fall. Repeat.
There are the cows I was talking about! See they're all looking at me!
The cows again. I just wanted to say Hi to all of them.
Daddy helping me hit the ball.
Another shot of him helping me.
I needed to have my glove on.