Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have tonsilitis. Where I got it, we aren't too sure. All we know is, I have it. I spiked a fever of 104 degrees on tuesday night and all day I justed wasn't being me. Mommy took me to the hospital near by to have me checked out. They said that I had some virus, probably a cold or something. The next day a doctor looked at my throat and saw all the blisters back there. They didn't look at my throat at the hospital the night before. I'm doing good though, not eating as much as Mommy would like, but I will snack here and there. I get lots of yummy tylenol, yes I like tylenol. The doctor who found the blisters agreed with Mommy that the mold that is in our air could very possibly be part of the problem and made them worse then they might have been without the mold. He doesn't like me being in the mold. Can't say that I like it either. But anyways, I'm doing good, being my usual crazy self.

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