Wednesday, May 13, 2009


TRUCKS! That's right! I've got more trucks! Nana sent me another set of trucks and I was so excited as I was opening the package! I'm going to need a tub to carry all of my trucks in. I love each and every one of them too, you could never have too many trucks you know. So Nana sent me a whole 5 more of them! So cool!! Yesterday Daddy had another doctor appointment that we went to with him. This time it was in Springfield though. That's the closest big city to us and its still not that close. Today Mommy had work to do so I hung out with Ethan and Dave for a while. They're cool guys. We sat and watched cartoons and I was just talking it up with Dave, until I fell asleep. Mommy and Ethan's mommy came back a little while later and we headed to the store for a little bit. I sat in the cart and ate some blueberry puffs because I wouldn't be patient and let Mommy give them to me after we paid for them. Then I went and hung out with Ethan and his Daddy again while mommy and Ethan's mommy got some more things done. Me and Dave were watching Madagascar and Ethan was jumping and the next thing Dave knew, I was laying down passed out. Guess I was tired huh? So now we're home, I hung out with Daddy a little and now I'm ready for bed!

Trying to find out what was in there.
See the smile on my face when I finally got them out?

So cool!

I bargained with Mommy that I would show my teeth if she opened my trucks. That's what she got.

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