Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lots of pictures

Here are lots of pictures from the past week. Mommy now has her camera cord and was able to put them up for everyone. While Nana and Papa were here we had gone to the lake and I got to play in the water. I had so much fun in there, and I just love the water. Enjoy the pictures!!


showing some belly.

testing the water out

slowly losing my clothes

Nana had to stay in the water with me.. because I said so.

playing and having fun.

diaper was bugging me.

Mommy took some pictures of me and Nana and Papa on their last night here. Since I found the camera cord she is finally able to put them up here. There's a few of them!

The other day we went to a playdate and our friend Amber and Kaydyn's house. It was a picnic and pools playdate, so we were playing in water. I had lots of fun there! We're excited that summer is coming and it was nice and warm and not raining.

Playing squirt guns. I learned how to get the water out too.


  1. The last naked bum picture is adorable!!!!

  2. I know my butt is cute ;).. lol