Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last night

Tonight was Nana and Papa's last night here. They go back home tomorrow morning. I was sad when they were saying good bye tonight, but they don't think I understand that they are leaving and I'll have to see them on the computer for a little bit until I get to go and visit them. To make things easier, Nana put me to bed. We had a busy day today so I was wiped out. We went and explored a mueseum on post today (well, I slept through most of it) and Daddy showed them where he works too. I got to play outside with Papa also, until my face was really red. It was mostly because I was hot though. Daddy made a yummy dinner and I got to swim in the bath tub. A good night. Mommy can't find the cord to her camera right now, so she's gonna put pictures later. She has lots of them she says. Tomorrow morning, I get to say bye-bye to Nana and Papa once more before they leave. They have Daddy's computer and have to drop it out, so that works out for me!

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