Sunday, May 17, 2009


Nana and Papa got here yesterday for their visit. Mommy and Daddy kept telling me they were coming, but I didn't grasp that I would actually see them here and not on the computer. I understood yesterday though. I was outside playing with Austin since he had come to my door and wanted to play. Well, while we were out there causing trouble and banging on some of our neighbor's garage doors, and playing with some toys, Nana and Papa showed up. First, I was a little in shock and not sure what to do. So Nana is calling me and then it hit me that I shoud go over to her. I did, more like ran over to her as fast and my little legs would go, and gave her a big hug. Then I wanted to show her the toys I'd been playing with and Austin. And what did Nana bring me? How about a little tote full of trucks! Me and Austin were so excited to play with them. So we sat at the very edge of Austin's driveway (more like the beginning of the street) and played trucks. Nana even played too. Later we all went out to dinner. I got a grilled cheese and really wanted nothing to do with it. Instead I kept eating Nana's chicken. It was yummy!! I even ate some of Mommy's zuchini too! She was so surprised to see me eating those things! We went back home and I hung out with Nana and Papa some more. I didn't like when either of them would disappear though, I thought that they had left. Later Nana put me in jammies and read me a book too. I came out and said goodnight to everyone and Nana put me in bed. She seemed a little surprised at how easily I go to bed now :). Now, we're just waiting for them to wake up and call us so we could go and explore! Time to go wake Daddy up too!

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