Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lazy Weekend....

Me, Mommy, and Daddy have had a very lazy weekend this week. Daddy had friday off also so he got to spend all 3 days with us. He did go golfing for a little bit yesterday so me and Mommy just hung out. Daddy and I had some guy time on friday too. The only things we really did this weekend was go to the store and clean and stuff. I of course played played and played some more though. We just didn't get to spend much time outside because of course, the Missouri weather wasn't cooperating with us very much and has been raining constantly! Mommy keeps thinking about letting me go splash in the puddles and play in the rain since it is warm out, but she still hasn't gave into her thoughts. I hope she does though, I absolutely love the water. So we'll see if Mommy surprises me and gets me in my cool rain boots and takes me out to play in the water! So tonight, Daddy bbq'd some hamburgers and hotdogs on his cool new bbq and I actually ate a whole hotdog! Mommy and Daddy have been trying to get me to eat different things and lately, I've been giving in (even though I used to like hotdogs anyways). Mommy is pretty excited with this little change in my eating. I still am not eating those green things you like to call veggies though, unless they're in a soup, then I'll eat a little of them. But nontheless, I'm eating more things. Finally, as Mommy says. So now it's getting late, and we're supposed to have someone coming out to try to fix our mold problem tomorrow and tuesday. I really hope that they fix it because me and Mommy are both tired of feel yucky!!

What? I got tired.
Chillin' in the shopping cart.

Stuffing my cheeks full.
Laying back with Daddy and Marley.

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