Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Golfing and more..

Yesterday, me and Mommy went golfing with Daddy when he got off work. It's the first time that I went actual golfing, I have been mini-golfing before though. Mommy also tried to golf with Daddy. Talk about entertainment. Daddy on the other hand, he wasn't too happy. There were millions of bugs flying around and they were irritating Daddy because they kept flying in his face and eyes and ears too. He was getting very annoyed with them. Me, I really didn't care about them. Daddy's excuse for that, I'm so low to the ground they don't hang out down here. Anyways, in general we all had fun. I even got to golf a little. Well, try at least. Mommy put some pictures of me doing that. I also got to drive the cart too! How cool! What 20 month old do you know that could say that they've driven a real cart? Not too many I bet! I had fun doing that. I need to work on my turns a little bit because I just drive straight for the most part. Maybe that's a good thing though. Last night, Mommy had somewhere to go so me and Daddy got to have some guy time, unless you count Marley. We had a good time. We played trucks, and wrestled with Kiko and watched some t.v. until I got too sleepy and had to go to bed. I liked spending time with Daddy. Today we even took him lunch at his work and ate with him. He was happy to see us and I got to wear this cool hat! When Daddy got home we went to Lowe's and I got to help him pick out a BBQ. You know, do the guy stuff. Well it's getting late now! Check out the pictures and I'm going night night!

Helping Mommy get ready yesterday.
trying to put a hair clip in my hair.
putting on a little bit of foundation like Mommy did.
and my attempt to put on mascara like Mommy does. Didn't work out too well huh?
Trying to hit the ball.
Moving my ball to a better place.
Another attempt. Man those things were heavy!
Last try.
Me and Daddy in matching hats! I told you it was cool!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Little things.

Today was an uneventful day. Really, we didn't do a whole lot. I got up with Daddy and ate some breakfast. Took a small nap with Daddy, Kiko, and Marley. Then I played a ran around for awhile. Hung out with Mommy and fell asleep on her and continued to sleep for a couple hours. When I woke up we went to the store to get some groceries and stuff. I always talk to a bunch of people at the store and I really like to help out Mommy and Daddy. Usually I push the cart while Mommy or Daddy steer it. Pretty cool eh? Mommy was also letting me put things in the cart. I liked doing that. We finally finished at the store and that was our day really. Daddy made some dinner while Mommy got his uniforms ready for him. I talked to Nana and Papa on the webcam a little too. Then off to bed I went. The part that Mommy and Daddy really like is Daddy asked me to tell him night night, which I usually sign night night, and tonight I said night Daddy. I'm learning so many new words Mommy and Daddy are amazed. They say sentences and have me repeat them. Like when I want something, they say word by word a sentence asking for it nicely and I do my best to repeat it, whether it's words or signs. That about covers our day today. I'm pretty wiped out now so Mommy is taking me to bed.

Daddy, me, Kiko and Marley. Can you see us all? Well if not, look closer because we're all using Daddy as a pillow.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Water Wars

Yesterday, Daddy and I had a water war. Well in reality, Daddy was spraying me with the hose while I ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I had a lot of fun running around the yard though. I was giggling the whole time while Daddy would squirt me. It was nice to be able to be outside! It was still in the 70s when we were playing out there (at around 7 pm). It all started because Daddy was spraying off the side of the house and sprayed me and I started laughing. That's when the games began. Mommy was over looking at the little stream that is a few yards behind the house. You should have seen that thing last weekend with all of the rain. It was like 6 feet wide and a couple feet deep! Makes Mommy a little on the nervous side because I know it's over there, and I love water. I've already almost fell into it once, but luckily Mommy was right there with me. We were trying to catch a little frog we found. He was too quick for us though. Anyways, I had a lot of fun last night! Tonight, I went with Mommy to a MaryKay party at one of our friend's house. I got to play with all of Enzo's cool toys. He has a lot of trucks, cars, and trains. At one point, I climbed up to sit at the table to snack on some food. Mommy gave me some fruit (mostly strawberries and pineapple), a chicken tender, and some chips with some ranch dip. Well, I choose to sit right next to the chicken wings and grabbed one of those when Mommy wasn't looking. I took a bite out of it and ate that, then I realized it was a little spicy. Mommy realized why I was wimpering a little and gave me some juice and more ranch. They helped a lot. So I sat there with my juice, and continued to dip my wing in the ranch and chewed on it. It was pretty good, and Mommy, along with the other mommies there, were quite surprised that I was actually eating it! It's fun to surprise them! Now we're home and I'm going to go night night!
Let the games begin!!
Running away.

See the look on Daddy's face?

Mommy just loves this face. What do you think?
Come on Kiko!!
I was just a little wet.
Daddy was winding up the hose.
I think I lost the war. Oh well.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Doctor Visit

Yesterday I had my first doctor visit here. I've been having some trouble with my tummy (I do this weird little walk where I hold my legs close together and bend over and wimper, Mommy says its sad to watch). Mommy and Daddy think that I was clogged up because sometimes I do poop afterwards, or tute, but not always and there are days where I do it all day long. So Mommy set up an appointment for me. They weighed me which I weighed 21lb 2oz. Still a peanut. When we saw the NP see felt my tummy and said it was pretty full, quite possibly full of poop. Mommy had mentioned that I've been a very picky eater lately and Mrs. Moehle said that what's wrong with my tummy can be the reason I don't chose to eat much and mostly the same things. Mommy also mentioned I was anemic 2 months ago, so Mrs. Moehle said that I needed to get a blood draw to check my lead content. On top of the blood draw, I was also going to have to get a X-ray of my tummy (I hate getting x-rays) and be put on a medicine to soften my poops and make it easier for me. So far, the medicine has helped, and I love taking medicine. Weird, uh? Mommy took me to the lab to get my blood drawn. I sat there very good sucking on my grape flavored tongue depressor while the lab guy was trying to find a vein in my arm. He didn't have much luck in my left arm, but found a small one in my right arm. He needed some help holding my arm straight so he went and got a lab girl. I sat there watching as he started to stick the small needle in my arm. When it first went in I only flinched a little bit. He had to fish around a little bit to actually hit my vein and at one point pulled the needle all the way out to stick me again just next to his first site. That's when I wimpered for a few seconds and had to look away. But quickly I was comforted and back to watching him. He finally got my little vein and out came the blood. They (including Mommy) were all very impressed on how well I did. He wrap my arm in this cool blue stuff and gave me a sticker and sent me on my way. I even chatted to him afterwards. No one was expecting that! They thought I'd be running out! X-ray was a different story. I didn't do bad, I just didn't want my arms held up or my legs straight. And that was that. We'll hear from the doctor if there is anything wrong. There's a few picture of my battle prizes.

Mommy was trying to take a picture after the blood draw in the hallway and I told her no.
This was at dinner. See my sticker and my cool blue thing?

Eating my treat. Fruit snacks.
I was sharing my tongue depressor with Daddy.

And here, we both had an end. Who knew they made flavored tongue depressors? Mommy and the lab people were quite surprised. All I cared about was that it was yummy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Warm days are here..

We are finally having some nice weather over here. Warm, sunny, rain-less, park allowing weather! And what does that mean? I got to go to the park 2 days in a row this week so far! How cool huh? As you know, I love being outside. What kid in their right mind doesn't?? Yesterday, we met some of my friends at a park by the post Daddy works at. We all had lots of fun, and hardly cared about all the annoying bugs Mommy said were called gnats. There were lots of them, but the park over ruled the bugs so we stayed. We were there for about 1 1/2 hours yesterday. Today me and Mommy went to a park closer to us and spent about a hour there. We even brought Kiko and Marley (that's her new name because Kiko got confused, and Mommy always says Kiko is Marley's brother, so now he really is). They had fun at the park too. I got to walk Marley of course. Maybe tomorrow, if we have time before I go to the doctors, Mommy will take me to the park again. A kid could hope right? Mommy put up lots more pictures too, mostly from yesterday.
In the tunnel I go.
And out I come.

Climbing the stairs to the big slide.
Almost there.
Man these are some tall steps.
Just wondering around in the rocks. I like grabbing handfuls of them.
Going to check out the splash pad where my friend Caden is. The water isn't on yet.
This bridge is a little tricky.

Walking Marley at the other park. She was trying to run.
That's what I've been up to these past 2 days!
Oh yea, I've discovered that I love tarter sauce! It's so yummy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Belated Easter

Sorry we're a little late in putting up the pictures from Easter. The easter bunny must have heard how much I am obsessed with trucks right now so he left a big truck for me. It was so cool! I couldn't wait to play with it. After that, we went outside to find out that there was also a whole bunch of eggs for me to get! I love hunting easter eggs! It was my 3rd egg hunt, and all of the eggs were there for me! At one point, Kiko tried to get some too but Daddy got it back from him. Toward the end of my hunt, it started to rain, so we had to hurry it up. Either way, I had so much fun outside getting all the eggs. Of course, once we were inside I wanted all of my surprised out of the eggs. It had some yummy candy for me to share with Mommy and Daddy. Then, I played with my truck for a long time! Mommy and Daddy made a yummy easter dinner, and I actually ate a few bites of the ham Daddy made. Mommy's potatoes were really yummy too, and of course, I love potatoes anyways. I wasn't so enthused about the green beans, but come on, they're green! It was a very good easter, and our first family Easter! I hope everyone else had a good Easter too!

The start of my hunt.
Excited with my eggs in my basket.

One of Mommy's favorite pictures.
See my eggs?

Going to get my eggs from Kiko and Daddy. More eggs.
And of course I have to taste.

And my cheese face. Cute, eh?

So that was my Easter!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Friend

On Friday, in Springfield, we found a new friend, in the Chuck E Cheese parking lot. She's about 8 weeks old and a boston terrier. She has one greyish eye and one blue eye, and for now (it might change) her name is Niko. Mommy and Daddy thought it would be easier for me to say. Now I have two Ko's. She's really cute and likes to follow me around. I like when she sits with me in my car seat too. Kiko and Niko finally are playing together and I thinks it's funny. She didn't want to play with him for the first few days, but man, when she decided to play, she really plays. Sometimes, I get to carry her too. Mommy or Daddy has to pick her up to put her in my arms though, I can't seem to get her up on my own even though I try really hard. I love to pet her and loving on her too, sometimes a little too rough, I forget she's not as big as Kiko is. So I go and play rough with him. He lets me jump on him and lay on him. All in all, it's been a fun first few days with our new friend, Niko.

We went to a birthday party for a lady Daddy works with daughter, Lia. She turned 3. We only had Niko for one day, so we took her with us. Everyone loved her there. She got so much attention!! I made sure to tell everyone that she was mine and not theirs and would randomly walk up to whoever may have her at the time and pet and hug her. Just so they would know. We had fun there, and then both of us were really tired so we went back home. We finally got our internet working again yesterday so Mommy is working on the updates. She has more for later!!

After we picked her up.
Showing Mommy my teeth.

I thought she might want to suck on my binky. Just trying to share.

Another car ride, and she gets to ride with me.

We were both pretty tired.
Holding Niko at my friend Lia's b-day party.
Spending some time outside, trying to teach her to go potty.