Saturday, April 25, 2009

Doctor Visit

Yesterday I had my first doctor visit here. I've been having some trouble with my tummy (I do this weird little walk where I hold my legs close together and bend over and wimper, Mommy says its sad to watch). Mommy and Daddy think that I was clogged up because sometimes I do poop afterwards, or tute, but not always and there are days where I do it all day long. So Mommy set up an appointment for me. They weighed me which I weighed 21lb 2oz. Still a peanut. When we saw the NP see felt my tummy and said it was pretty full, quite possibly full of poop. Mommy had mentioned that I've been a very picky eater lately and Mrs. Moehle said that what's wrong with my tummy can be the reason I don't chose to eat much and mostly the same things. Mommy also mentioned I was anemic 2 months ago, so Mrs. Moehle said that I needed to get a blood draw to check my lead content. On top of the blood draw, I was also going to have to get a X-ray of my tummy (I hate getting x-rays) and be put on a medicine to soften my poops and make it easier for me. So far, the medicine has helped, and I love taking medicine. Weird, uh? Mommy took me to the lab to get my blood drawn. I sat there very good sucking on my grape flavored tongue depressor while the lab guy was trying to find a vein in my arm. He didn't have much luck in my left arm, but found a small one in my right arm. He needed some help holding my arm straight so he went and got a lab girl. I sat there watching as he started to stick the small needle in my arm. When it first went in I only flinched a little bit. He had to fish around a little bit to actually hit my vein and at one point pulled the needle all the way out to stick me again just next to his first site. That's when I wimpered for a few seconds and had to look away. But quickly I was comforted and back to watching him. He finally got my little vein and out came the blood. They (including Mommy) were all very impressed on how well I did. He wrap my arm in this cool blue stuff and gave me a sticker and sent me on my way. I even chatted to him afterwards. No one was expecting that! They thought I'd be running out! X-ray was a different story. I didn't do bad, I just didn't want my arms held up or my legs straight. And that was that. We'll hear from the doctor if there is anything wrong. There's a few picture of my battle prizes.

Mommy was trying to take a picture after the blood draw in the hallway and I told her no.
This was at dinner. See my sticker and my cool blue thing?

Eating my treat. Fruit snacks.
I was sharing my tongue depressor with Daddy.

And here, we both had an end. Who knew they made flavored tongue depressors? Mommy and the lab people were quite surprised. All I cared about was that it was yummy.

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