Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Golfing and more..

Yesterday, me and Mommy went golfing with Daddy when he got off work. It's the first time that I went actual golfing, I have been mini-golfing before though. Mommy also tried to golf with Daddy. Talk about entertainment. Daddy on the other hand, he wasn't too happy. There were millions of bugs flying around and they were irritating Daddy because they kept flying in his face and eyes and ears too. He was getting very annoyed with them. Me, I really didn't care about them. Daddy's excuse for that, I'm so low to the ground they don't hang out down here. Anyways, in general we all had fun. I even got to golf a little. Well, try at least. Mommy put some pictures of me doing that. I also got to drive the cart too! How cool! What 20 month old do you know that could say that they've driven a real cart? Not too many I bet! I had fun doing that. I need to work on my turns a little bit because I just drive straight for the most part. Maybe that's a good thing though. Last night, Mommy had somewhere to go so me and Daddy got to have some guy time, unless you count Marley. We had a good time. We played trucks, and wrestled with Kiko and watched some t.v. until I got too sleepy and had to go to bed. I liked spending time with Daddy. Today we even took him lunch at his work and ate with him. He was happy to see us and I got to wear this cool hat! When Daddy got home we went to Lowe's and I got to help him pick out a BBQ. You know, do the guy stuff. Well it's getting late now! Check out the pictures and I'm going night night!

Helping Mommy get ready yesterday.
trying to put a hair clip in my hair.
putting on a little bit of foundation like Mommy did.
and my attempt to put on mascara like Mommy does. Didn't work out too well huh?
Trying to hit the ball.
Moving my ball to a better place.
Another attempt. Man those things were heavy!
Last try.
Me and Daddy in matching hats! I told you it was cool!

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