Sunday, April 26, 2009

Water Wars

Yesterday, Daddy and I had a water war. Well in reality, Daddy was spraying me with the hose while I ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I had a lot of fun running around the yard though. I was giggling the whole time while Daddy would squirt me. It was nice to be able to be outside! It was still in the 70s when we were playing out there (at around 7 pm). It all started because Daddy was spraying off the side of the house and sprayed me and I started laughing. That's when the games began. Mommy was over looking at the little stream that is a few yards behind the house. You should have seen that thing last weekend with all of the rain. It was like 6 feet wide and a couple feet deep! Makes Mommy a little on the nervous side because I know it's over there, and I love water. I've already almost fell into it once, but luckily Mommy was right there with me. We were trying to catch a little frog we found. He was too quick for us though. Anyways, I had a lot of fun last night! Tonight, I went with Mommy to a MaryKay party at one of our friend's house. I got to play with all of Enzo's cool toys. He has a lot of trucks, cars, and trains. At one point, I climbed up to sit at the table to snack on some food. Mommy gave me some fruit (mostly strawberries and pineapple), a chicken tender, and some chips with some ranch dip. Well, I choose to sit right next to the chicken wings and grabbed one of those when Mommy wasn't looking. I took a bite out of it and ate that, then I realized it was a little spicy. Mommy realized why I was wimpering a little and gave me some juice and more ranch. They helped a lot. So I sat there with my juice, and continued to dip my wing in the ranch and chewed on it. It was pretty good, and Mommy, along with the other mommies there, were quite surprised that I was actually eating it! It's fun to surprise them! Now we're home and I'm going to go night night!
Let the games begin!!
Running away.

See the look on Daddy's face?

Mommy just loves this face. What do you think?
Come on Kiko!!
I was just a little wet.
Daddy was winding up the hose.
I think I lost the war. Oh well.

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