Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Belated Easter

Sorry we're a little late in putting up the pictures from Easter. The easter bunny must have heard how much I am obsessed with trucks right now so he left a big truck for me. It was so cool! I couldn't wait to play with it. After that, we went outside to find out that there was also a whole bunch of eggs for me to get! I love hunting easter eggs! It was my 3rd egg hunt, and all of the eggs were there for me! At one point, Kiko tried to get some too but Daddy got it back from him. Toward the end of my hunt, it started to rain, so we had to hurry it up. Either way, I had so much fun outside getting all the eggs. Of course, once we were inside I wanted all of my surprised out of the eggs. It had some yummy candy for me to share with Mommy and Daddy. Then, I played with my truck for a long time! Mommy and Daddy made a yummy easter dinner, and I actually ate a few bites of the ham Daddy made. Mommy's potatoes were really yummy too, and of course, I love potatoes anyways. I wasn't so enthused about the green beans, but come on, they're green! It was a very good easter, and our first family Easter! I hope everyone else had a good Easter too!

The start of my hunt.
Excited with my eggs in my basket.

One of Mommy's favorite pictures.
See my eggs?

Going to get my eggs from Kiko and Daddy. More eggs.
And of course I have to taste.

And my cheese face. Cute, eh?

So that was my Easter!

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