Friday, April 17, 2009

Day in the Big City

Daddy had today off. None of us really wanted to stay home so we decided we would venture to Springfield and Mommy and Daddy would take me to Chuck E Cheese. We all had fun there. I really like Chuck E. and I get just mesmerised watching the whole gang sing onstage. I even get Mommy or Daddy to take me to the stage so I could make sure to say hi to everyone. I was able to give Chuck E. a high five too! And then when he (Chuck E.) decided to come out and say hi to all of us kids I made sure I was there too. I gave hime half a hug, I wasn't too sure about giving a whole hug. He got a high five and knucks too. Oh and a kiss on the nose. Chuck's one cool mouse. When he went on to say hi to other kids, I followed. He wasn't leaving my sight. Mommy thought that was pretty funny. At least I'm not afraid and running away from him, right?

After we were done at Chuck E Cheese, we decided to walk around Best Buy. It's the closest one to us, and that's not very close. I was pushing the shopping cart around (Mommy and Daddy's idea to entertain me). I really had that thing going fast. They decided to direct me to something else because they were afraid I would run into something expensive and break it. That wouldn't have been good. So what is it that Mommy and I find? Rock Band! I played the drums. Mommy thinks I might be a future drummer because I was really rocking out and getting into it, just watch the video below and you'll see for yourself. Eventually though, we had to leave Best Buy.

We headed to Hooters for dinner. Daddy wanted some of their wings. I guess they're supposed to be good or something like that. I don't know, I wasn't eating them and that's all that matters. I did however eat some fried pickles. Who thought of that? Well, whoever did was a genius. They were yummy! I ate some of those and some tator tots, but refused to eat anything else. I give Mommy and Daddy a hard time when it comes to eating nowadays. Before we left, Daddy made sure to get a picture of me hanging out with all of the girls. They love me, of course, who doesn't? Mommy put the picture up too, it's a little blurry though.

After all that, we headed home. What a busy day. I'm extremely sleepy so off to bed for me. Stuffing my mouth with as much fried pickle as I could fit.
Cheesing with all of the girls.

They loved me.

You should probably mute your volume because the video for some reason doesn't play the actual sound but instead some really annoying sounds. Just a thought!

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