Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Driving...and the Zoo

Today, we were on the road again. Who coulda guessed, huh? I mean, isn't that how things work when your driving halfway across the country? You're in the car a lot? We'll that's what Mommy and Daddy tell me. We've driven across Kansas today. Mommy says I'm doing pretty good in the car. We're in the car all day long and there's only so much to occupy a 19 month old. So what did Mommy and Daddy decide to do today to occupy me and let me run around? We went to the zoo! As we were driving along, Mommy and Daddy kept seeing signs for a "wildlife adventure" place. They decided we'd stop and see it, not thinking it would be a big thing. Well, they were surprised. There were all sorts of animals there! Lions, tigers, bears, sheep, girafes, wolves, leopards, reptiles, rhinos, lemurs. The list goes on and on. And the zoo was kinda in the middle of nowhere too. It was fun. I got to run and run. Poor Kiko had to stay in the car though. Back to me though, it was very exciting to see all the cool animals. I'd never seen most of them before! There was a petting zoo part with a cow, sheep, goats and some ducks and chickens too. There were llamas too but they were too lazy to come and say hi to us. Daddy was petting the cow but I was nervous to touch it. I did get brave enough to touch the sheep though. He liked attention. When we were leaving Daddy got me the lemur I'd asked him for when we first got there. I found it again so he got it for me. So today was a busy day. I got to drive sometimes too. I am obsessed with trucks! I want to stay outside and look at them. Daddy had trouble keeping me inside last night and this morning cause there were a whole bunch of them outside the room! My favorite are the big semi-trucks. Now those things are cool! Ok that's that, so now it's time for my milk and to go to night night. All my friends are waiting for me. (I have my puppy, moose, and now lemur too) Mommy put a bunch of pictures of the past 2 days for you too!
I got tired of walking so much so I decided I'd take a break on this perfect me-sized "bench".

I was so excited to see all the animals, I was just go go go the whole time!

I was so close to the white tiger!

Me and Daddy checking out the scenery in our cool shades.

two words.. goof ball
Just driving around...

Drinking and driving.. yesterday.

The boys.

I think Mommy forgot something?
Me and Daddy went crawling in this tunnel under the bear cage. It went to this glass house thingy in the bear cage... coool

We'd first got to the zoo. The trucks were awesome.
Thats a cougar.. pretty kitty

a mandrill. He was cool and colorful. Even his bottom was colorful!

One of the rhinos. There were a few of them.

My new lemur!
Nighty night!

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