Monday, March 30, 2009

Road Trip

So we left for our road trip for Missouri to live with Daddy yesterday. We have to be there by thursday cause Daddy has to work on friday morning. So far I've been doing pretty well considering how long we have to sit in the car for! Daddy let me listen to a couple of my cds that our friend Anne and teacher Sheryl gave us, last night and today too! Mommy sings them with me too. My favorites are the octopus song and the good-bye song. They're really good. So now we get to sit in a hotel for the night in Wyoming since the road is closed because of the storms. I've been playing with Kiko, got to take a bath and play with Kiko some more! Mommy put a couple pictures up for everyone too! Remember they're taken from her camera phone!

This was the beginning of the car ride yesterday.

And soon I was fast asleep with my puppy and moose.
Bouncing and running on the hotel bed.. last night.
Today, they even let me drive a little too.
Me and Daddy were trying to get Kiko to go potty somewhere in Montana. No luck.
So that's it for now, it's just about bedtime for me now. I'll have Mommy help me update again later sometime! Bye! Night night!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Best Friends

Mommy caught some pictures on her phone of me and Kiko hanging out.

Hanging out on the fireplace with my bestest friend.

Kisses for Kiko.
Kiko was cleaning my foot for me Just hanging...
*Mommy says sorry that they aren't the best quality since they were taken on her phone.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chuck E Cheese

So today me and Mommy went to Chuck E Cheese with Preston and his mommy Kim. We had lots of fun there. We ate some yummy pizza and I ate 2 whole pieces by myself! We then played lots of game and won lots of tickets! Me and Mommy even went up in the tunnels too! I was a big boy and I led the way so Mommy had to follow me. She took a couple pictures with her camera phone too!

Of course I found the car first! I am a boy ya know!

She thought it was cute that I could stand up in there without hitting my head!Look at my crazy hair!I went down the slide all by myself too!

After I woke up from my nap we went to Uncle Mike and Auntie Kristie's house down the street with Nana to watch the Gonzaga game. Papa came later and explained the game to me. I still don't get it but I'm sure I will some day. I can tell you where the moose, wolf, deer, and bear are at Uncle Mike's! Papa showed me those too! Well it's past my bedtime so I'm off to go night night!


I pooped in my potty last night! All by myself! Mommy isn't trying to potty train me, she's just trying to help me poop cause I have trouble sometimes. Well last night she sat me on my potty after my shower and after about 5 minutes there was a poop in there! Just like a big boy! She rewarded my potty pooping with half a mini reese's peanut butter cup! It was yummy!!! I might just have to poop on the potty more often!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Watch Me Grow!

So Mommy decided that she would make me my own blog. We are moving away to Missouri to live with Daddy so this is how everyone will be able to follow what I'm learning and everything new I'm getting into! Please bear with Mommy while she tries to make my blog look cool!