Monday, March 30, 2009

Road Trip

So we left for our road trip for Missouri to live with Daddy yesterday. We have to be there by thursday cause Daddy has to work on friday morning. So far I've been doing pretty well considering how long we have to sit in the car for! Daddy let me listen to a couple of my cds that our friend Anne and teacher Sheryl gave us, last night and today too! Mommy sings them with me too. My favorites are the octopus song and the good-bye song. They're really good. So now we get to sit in a hotel for the night in Wyoming since the road is closed because of the storms. I've been playing with Kiko, got to take a bath and play with Kiko some more! Mommy put a couple pictures up for everyone too! Remember they're taken from her camera phone!

This was the beginning of the car ride yesterday.

And soon I was fast asleep with my puppy and moose.
Bouncing and running on the hotel bed.. last night.
Today, they even let me drive a little too.
Me and Daddy were trying to get Kiko to go potty somewhere in Montana. No luck.
So that's it for now, it's just about bedtime for me now. I'll have Mommy help me update again later sometime! Bye! Night night!

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