Thursday, April 2, 2009

We made it!

We made it to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri! After 5 whole days in the car! Man was I tired of being in the car! That's a lot for a guy as old as me. Mommy says I did really good though. I cried, of course, who wouldn't, but not too much. So now we're staying in a hotel until our beds get here next week. I'm not sleeping on the floor, that's for sure. So instead I get my own bed in the hotel. Cool huh? Daddy has to be at work at 430 am tomorrow! So me and Mommy have to get up and take him, otherwise, we'd have no car. Today we went and saw our new home too. I got to explore and everything! It was fun! I just ran all over the place. And to top things off, I get my own bath! I just love the bath!

Mommy help me put up a couple of pictures of me relaxing eating my pizza. Did I mention, I get to eat in bed? That doesn't happen often! So I take full advantage of that! I goof around and all that fun stuff toddlers like me are supposed to do.

I also talked to Nana and Papa on the phone. Mommy put up a couple videos of that. She thinks it's funny. I just love talking to them. I talk talk talk. I miss them too. They'll come visit us soon.

Now it's bedtime. Night night!

Who needs hands to eat? Not me.
That was my dinner tray.

That's me talking to Nana and Papa. Mommy says sorry they're a little jumbled, she was doing it with Daddy's phone!


  1. How cute!! So glad that you made it and out of that car seat. :)

  2. Finally, Grandma {and Uncle Eric & Aunt Jenna} got to see this!! You should be a moviestar because you are so handsome and look like one already with your sunglasses on. Luv Ya J-pup!