Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend fun

This was our first weekend here. Daddy had work on Friday so it was just me, Mommy, and Kiko for the day after we dropped Daddy off at work. At 430 in the morning. I stayed awake the whole time we were in the car too. Mommy did talk me into going back to sleep when we got back to the hotel but it still took a little bit to convince me. When we woke up we went downstairs and had some breakfast. There was a kid in there just my size! His name was J too! We were giving each other a tour of the "breakfast room" and looking in the cabinets and even gave each other a few hugs. Our mommies thought that was pretty cute. We went to Daddy's work for lunch and he got to show me off to all the girls in there. Since it was such a nice day out Mommy drove around post to find a playground for me. It was nice and sunny out and pretty warm too. I didn't need a jacket or anything. So we played for a bit at the park. She put a few of those pictures up for you. I am determined to walk up stairs now. I'm done with that whole crawling up the steps stuff. I'm a big boy, and big boys walk up the stairs, not crawl. So I'm going to keep trying to walk up them.

Yesterday morning Mommy took me to an egg hunt on post so Daddy could sleep in. She met one of the other mommies in her mommy group here. I had fun getting all the eggs and putting them in my basket. There were a lot of kids around my age there to do it too and lots and lots of eggs for all of us. I was a little impatient when they expected me to wait a whole 10 minutes with the eggs right there in front of me for them to decide it was time for us to hunt them. I'm only 19 months old, I don't understand why they wouldn't just let me go at it. Mommy finally gave in since I was screaming and let me put some eggs in my basket. She thought I didn't notice her throwing the eggs back when I wasn't looking, but I really did. It was ok though, I just went and got more. Finally they let us all go and I got 25 eggs all by myself! Some parents were cheating and grabbing armfuls of eggs, but I didn't care, my basket was full of my own eggs. I guess those parents didn't hear when they said for the kids only to pick up all the eggs. They only had stickers and stuff in them anyways. Either way I had lots of fun picking up all the eggs I got on my own. Mommy put some of those pictures too. After the egg hunt Mommy took me to the kids Fun Fair that was going on at the Child Development Center. It was fun there too. I got to play in all the different classrooms with all sorts of toys. They even had an area set up to make Personal ID cards for all the kids! They took all of my fingerprints and Mommy put in my name, height, eye color, hair color, weight, her and Daddy's names and our address so the man could make my card. He took a picture of me and then out printed my info cards. They even laminated it for me and put everything on a CD for Mommy so that later she can update things and make me a new card as I grow. Kind of cool to have in case I were lost or something scary like that. When me and Mommy left, I instantly fell asleep in the car. I preceeded to sleep for a whole 3 hours! When I woke up we all went and bought some bathing suits so we could go swimming! Swimming was fun too. We went again today also. All in all, a good first weekend here. So now, I am very sleepy and Mommy is going to put my to bed. Nighty Night!

I will walk up these stairs.
Deciding if I really want to go through there.

Practicing my balance. That thing moves as you walk.
Kisses for everyone.
Kiko wanted to cuddle so I said ok.
This was waking up to go egg hunting.
I know, it's crazy I was telling Mommy.

And one last picture to prove my point.

Kiko decided to cuddle with Daddy too.

Ready to egg hunt. Where's all the eggs?

Still looking.

I found one!
And a lot more!
This was at the fun fair.

I kept going up and down, up and down.

Oh yea, one more thing. So last night, I had Mommy pull off my socks for me and right after she did it, I said quite clearly wiggle wiggle! Mommy thought it was very cute so she wanted to share with everyone! Daddy usually pulls my socks off and says tickle tickle and I do try saying tickle tickle, but last night I decided to say wiggle wiggle.
That's all. :)

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