Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trucks and more!

Sorry I've been out the past couple days. Mommy and Daddy had to move all of the furniture and stuff out of our front room so the carpet guy could come and dry out the carpet and clean it, well try at least. So that took a few days, but now we are up and running again, well for now. Hopefully we don't have any more problems, but I wouldn't put my milk on that. So what have I been up to the past few days? It's been raining so nothing outside really. Yesterday I did get to go to Starbucks with Mommy to meet some of our friends. I had a good time there playing with my friends and eating mommy's friend Debbie blueberry muffin. She was nice enough to keep giving me bites when I'd ask, and I asked a lot. Like a whole blueberry muffin a lot. But she kept assuring Mommy that it was ok and she liked making me so happy! Nana sent me some new trucks!! I was so excited when Mommy asked if I wanted to open the package! So I worked at it (with Mommy's help cause Nana likes tape =D ) and finally got them open. I did not let go of those trucks. Nana must know my obsession with trucks. Yesterday I also got to hang out with my main "big" little man Ethan and his Dad too til Daddy got off work. Mommy had a meeting she needed to go to. I had a good time though, me and Dave played trucks the whole time and Ethan would jump, jump, and jump in his jumper. I just loved watching him. Mommy thinks I miss my old jumper. Today, we went to a belated Cinco De Mayo potluck at my friend Enzo's pad. Everyone brought something and oooohhh it was yummy and I had so much fun! We even had a pinata (see picture below!). I was all over the place and there were so many mommies and kids there! A lot of fun! And to add to my already fun day, me and my buddy and neighbor Austin, hung out for a while outside. Our mommies call us double trouble. Maybe it's because we would go and bang on our other neighbor's garage doors and tackled the dogs too. But thats just a maybe. Now, after my very tiring day, I'm ready to hit the crib!
Breaking through the bubble wrap.
Almost got the first one out.
Now working on the second. Look at that baby!
Riding my first scooter.
Trying to break open Sponge Bob. I got to go first.
Licking the plate. I love Ranch.
Saving the rest (on my face) for later tonight.
Oh yea, I almost forgot. The other day, me and Mommy found a truck cartoon on TV!!! I was just lost in the TV watching those trucks! Mommy has never seen me like that! I love that show!!!

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