Saturday, May 9, 2009

Craziness and everything else

We got hit with another storm yesterday morning. That's why we haven't updated my blog til now because we lost the internet at like 930am yesterday. It was so crazy! I was actually sleeping in for once, and Daddy didn't have to leave for work until 9am. Well the thunder was really loud and there was lots of lightning too. Then the rain started coming and man oh man did it come down! On top of all that, the strong winds decided to show up! It was really crazy! We had water leaking in through the window in our back door. They had tornado warnings out for our area too. So Daddy decided not to leave for work yet and stayed with us til it passed. We have til little creek thing that runs behind the house and it was flooded so fast! Mommy and Daddy were getting worried because it kept getting closer and closer and closer til it was about 2 feet from the back of the house. It completely surrounded our shed and Daddy thought we were going to lose the shed. We didn't but we could have. So we all stayed inside and watched the weather, until we lost our cable. It came back a little bit later though. When the storm finally passed us (we got hit pretty hard with it) Daddy was able to head to work. He said he saw a car float off the side of the road due to the flooding. And then later in the afternoon, it was all sunny and warm. Like we never had those ugly clouds from the morning and we just dream it up. Mommy put some pictures up of it. Today we went to a bbq at one of Daddy's supervisor's house. We had fun. We took Marley with us too because she loves dogs and she had a boxer puppy. Daddy did most of the bbq-ing too. There were even some other kids that came too so we all played with the dogs. At one point, I figured out how to get into the ice chest and was pulling out ice cubes, since I love them, and eating them. I'd even share with the dogs. Sometimes I'd drop one and I'd pick it up like the doggies do, just using my mouth. Mommy was just cracking up at me because I'd have my bottom up in the air and my face on the deck trying to get the ice back in my mouth. She'd asked me to stop, but of course, I didn't listen so instead she just laughed. It didn't hurt me so she didn't make a big deal out of it. Later we went golfing with Daddy on this small course by our home. Mommy golfed too again. I'd cheer her on everything she hit and said yay and clapped even if she hit really bad sometimes. I'm her biggest fan :). Daddy even hit some balls with me, he was trying to teach me too. Mommy took pictures, but for some reason they didn't save. She even had some cute ones of me saying hi to the cows that were there and all the cows were looking at me. Those didn't save either :(. Next time, we'll make sure they save. So that's about it for now!
The weather man said the storm was wrapping around itself. We're in the red at the top of the curved part.

That was the creek a little after the rain started. Thats from Mommy and Daddy's window.

That was about 15 mins later from the window.

Our shed.

Cuddling with Mommy and Marley after the storm finally passed.
All the doggies would hang around me.
They were my buddies.

That's the river

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