Monday, May 11, 2009

Day at the Doc's

Today Daddy had a doctor appt in a town about a hour away and me and Mommy had to go with him. Mommy had to drive because Daddy was having a procedure done on his back and couldn't drive after it. While Daddy was back in the procedure room, me and Mommy hung out in his room. Mommy made sure to bring me a few trucks and then made a ballon for me out of a glove. I was running around the room throwing it and kicking it and just having a grand ol' time. At one point, I came across Daddy's hat and was running around wearing it and pushing the stool thing around the room too. Just having a ball. Eventually though, I decided to climb up in the chair with Mommy and the next thing Mommy knew, I was asleep. I was pretty tired. Daddy was done a little bit later and off we went! The day was pretty uneventful otherwise! Oh Mommy found the pictures from the other day too!! I guess her phone really did take them!

Running around with Daddy's hat on.
Pushing the stool around.
Cheesing for Mommy. She told me she'd give me another truck if I smiled.
Still hangin' out in Daddy's hat. Cute, uh?
Then I passed out!
And soon decided that I wanted to take a bath, fully clothed.
This is Midas. He was at the golf course and he let me ride him.
I was playing my falling game. I'm up, I run, I fall. Repeat.
There are the cows I was talking about! See they're all looking at me!
The cows again. I just wanted to say Hi to all of them.
Daddy helping me hit the ball.
Another shot of him helping me.
I needed to have my glove on.

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