Sunday, November 29, 2009

Picture shoot.

Yesterday, we had a really nice day here. Mommy and Daddy thought that it would be a good day to do pictures for christmas cards. We drove around downtown trying to find the perfect spot to take said pictures and ended up at one of the places we took my 2 year pictures. Originally, Daddy wanted to wait for snow, but we don't know when or if snow is coming, so that didn't work. I wouldn't mind having some snow. I like snow. Anyways, we were gonna take pictures. I wasn't so cooperative with the whole process. I mean, I'm 2 years old, I'm not supposed to make things easy right? So after taking lots and lots of pictures we finally decided to give up and head back home. We took like 60 pictures and sure there are some good ones. Not great ones, but good. So Mommy is gonna see what she could put together and call it good. So Mommy put up some of the pictures we took. She left out the ones that are possible for the card so as she narrows it down, she'll upload more. Enjoy the many faces of me :)

I did a lot of this face.

cheesing it up.

blowing kisses

kissing mommy's cheek

telling a story.


reach reach reach!

I didn't seem to smile with my eyes open.

Daddy telling me to smile. Yawn.

Really closing my eyes tight for this one.


camera...what camera

playing with rocks.

rolling around.

Are we done yet?
I almost forgot. Mommy added my christmas list on the left sidebar :) Just so you know.


  1. very cute! You're quite the ham Jaeden! Who took your pictures for you or did you use a self timer?

  2. self timer and a tripod Kelly :) time we need just one more person to get Jaeden's attention =)