Sunday, November 8, 2009


Just a quick update. Mommy was trying to upload some of the pictures from the park and stuff, but it wasn't working. So those will come tomorrow hopefully. This has been an eventful week for me. Well, really one day for the most part. I got hurt on Monday. I was running around the house, like I normally do, pushing one of my push toys into walls and stuff, again, like I normally do, and slipped on the wood floor that is by the front door. I hit my mouth on one of my toys and spilt right under my lip and on the inside of my mouth. It hurt. I cried for a few minutes but not too long. Mommy got it to stop bleeding without having to give me any of my medicine, which is good, cause I like to drink stuff and while on the medicine, I get limited on my liquids. We waited for Daddy to get home (he was already on his way when I got hurt) and Mommy called my doctor's advice hotline and decided to take me to the hospital. I ended up get 2 stitches. Well, 3 because they had to redo one since I untied it only about 2 minutes after they put it in. It itched, so I pulled on it with my teeth, and it untied. I didn't know. It was hard for me not to play with them. Mommy and Daddy tried to distract me by giving me my 'B' (binky) and juice and even got me some ice cream as a little treat. It didn't work too well. I eventually left it alone though. I get them out tomorrow morning. About time! The cuts on the inside of my mouth are healing pretty good too. They don't hurt anymore.
The day before I hurt myself, we went go-karting again. I got to ride with Daddy this time. I had fun! Mommy rode in another kart on the track with us. It was a good day there. One day, I'll be able to drive myself. That'll be cool.
Me and Mommy leave soon to go to Spokane. I'm excited. Mommy asked me today who we were going to see in a few days and I said Nana Papa. Of course, there are a lot others that I will be seeing too. It'll be a fun trip. I also get to sleep in my own big boy bed. Mommy has been thinking about switching me to a big boy bed but she is going to see how I do there first. Maybe I'll surprise her.
Well, hopefully it will let Mommy put the other pictures up tomorrow. There are lots of them. For now, enjoy the ones you get =)

In the car with Daddy.

We were trying to beat Mommy. Her car was faster.

My owie.

Just hanging out watching tv while waiting.

my stitches.

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  1. I can't believe Jaeden got stitches! :( Poor guy!