Sunday, November 22, 2009


Me and Mommy took a trip to Spokane last week. I had so much fun seeing everyone! I got to spend lots and lots of time with Nana and Papa and everyone! Unfortunately, our first night there, we had to make a trip to the hospital. My ears were really hurting and it turns out that I had a double ear infection and possibly strep again. So I was again on antibiotics. I was feeling better pretty quickly after I got the medicine though so I got to have lots of fun. I even went and trick or treated Nana and Papa's works. I've done it the past 2 years, so why should this year be any different :). Papa and me also got to have a lot of guy time. Saturday, we went to Uncle Mike and Aunt Kris's and played and ate. Everyone was there! Aunt Patty even brought Uncle Mike and Aunt Kris's new puppy to meet me. He was so cute! I loved on him constantly. He's currently nameless, but I like to call him Ziggy. He even snuggled up on my shoulder and went to sleep. On Tuesday, Nana and Papa took us to Cat Tales, which is a zoological park that has tigers, lions, bears, linx, cougars, serval cats, etc. They have sooo many kitties! I loved it there. As you will see, some of the pictures there are a little blurry because I was so excited I wouldn't sit still for Mommy. I really wanted to touch the tigers. At one point, I ran (even though Mommy kept telling me not too) and one of the cubs that were born nov. 07 started pacing on his side of the fence following me. I thought that was so funny. His name was Tuga. After that, I named all the tigers Tuga. When we went to see the bears, the student started feeding the bear some treats and he would stand on his hind legs and stuff. I could not stop laughing! I mean, a bear standing! I just had so much fun there, I can't wait to go back! Overall, we had a great trip. I love everyone and miss you all again! Can't wait to see everyone again!

'Ziggy' giving kisses.

playing in 'Ziggy's' crate.

Snuggling. He was sleeping.

playing the drums on Nana.

The coolest train!

Heading to the tigers, lions, and bears. Oh My!

Tuga. Smiling.

a standing bear. So funny!

watching the bear.


hanging with Papa.

kitty wanted to play. He stopped to smile at Mommy though.

running, running, and more running

tuga again.

trying to get over to the other fence so I could touch the tiger.

I really liked laying on the ground. Call me crazy.

watching airplanes with Papa.

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