Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Boy....

HAIRCUT!!! That's right, I got a big boy haircut! We went and did it on Saturday. I was ready for one. Mommy asked me if I wanted a haircut and I said 'yesssss'. So, I guess that meant it was time. I did really good throughout the whole thing too! Mommy, Daddy, and the stylist were quite impressed I might add. It did help that I got a cherry lollipop to suck on the whole time. And that my cape had puppies on it. What kid wouldn't be happy?
You see all that crazy hair?

I also thought it was funny when she would spray me with the water bottle.

Watching her cut my hair in the mirror.

I was a pretty happy kid the whole time.

I gave Mommy lots of smiles.

See Daddy in the background getting his hair cut too?

My hair all over the floor. Minus what Mommy and Daddy kept.

The finished product. And I still have my lollipop. After, we even went to the dollar store and I got to pick out a new toy. I picked out a pack of bugs.


  1. Oh he looks so big! What a handsome little boy.

  2. I loved his long hair but he does look very handsome!