Friday, April 23, 2010

Sorry we've been missing for awhile now. We've been spending some time in CA with Mommy's family. It's been lots of fun. I've been getting pretty attached to everyone and I love to play with everyone. We've been keeping pretty busy seeing everyone and catching up since it had been awhile. I've gone to the beach, to the parks, swimming at the pool, and of course family's houses. I've also got to spend lots of time with my cousin Kayleigh. I love her, even if sometimes I don't like to show it. But when no one is looking, I show her by holding her hand and playing with her and all that lovey stuff :)
We spent Easter this year at the park with family. It was really fun and not very crowded. We had lunch and did the Easter egg hunt. We even played some baseball too. While we we're playing baseball there was an earthquake. It was crazy! It was a good day though :).
Mommy put up some pictures from Easter for you all. We will write more soon!

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