Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm back.

At least going to try my hardest to be. Back that is. On here. You know what I mean. It's been awhile. A long while, and I'm sorry for that unexpected break. But, here I am, trying to be on top of things again. Just to make it up to you, I've added a lot of pictures. But, I did save 4th of July for hopefully an update tomorrow. So as you know I'm sure, I'm out in good ol' sunny California. I like the sun. I love to announce to Mommy every single morning when the sun has come up. Mommy, not so much. I love being outside also. What kid doesn't. I've been able to spend a lot of time outside. We've been to the park, the beach a few times, swimming, fountain at the outdoor mall. I just love it. The beach is probably one of my favorites and I beg to go. I was introduced to s'mores at our last trip there. And let me tell you, I have been missing out. Those things are so yummy! You'll see in a picture below. So while I've been here, I've also gotten to spend a lot of time with my uncles, aunts, cousin, grandparents. Everyone really, and I have had so much fun. I love being around everyone. I get to play with my 1year old cousin Kayleigh almost everyday, well was everyday until 2 weeks ago, when I started school. That's right, I go to school now. 4 days a week, full time. I love it. I go to school, Mommy gets to go to school. We're both happy. At school, I've already pretty much learned my entire ABCs. Sure, I miss a few letters here and there, but I know most of them. And I love to sing them. Sing them all the time. Even sing Mommy to bed with them. So, back to school. I love it there. I've handled it well with Mommy taking me in the morning, no melt downs or anything. Makes things easier for Mommy. And honestly, why wouldn't I like school? There's cars, and a slide in the classroom, a backyard with more toys, other kids my age to play with, all sorts of things to do. So really, no reason not to like it. Pretty much sums that up.

So that's what has been going on around here for the most part. I'll try to do 4th of July tomorrow, Mommy has more pictures for that. So now, what you have been waiting for. Go ahead and check out all the pictures you get now. Have fun, take your time, no need to rush.

Beach trip with mommy and Rachel (my 2nd cousin)

S'mores...I think that is enough explanation.

We spent the night at Rachel's. I was a little tired, if you can't tell.

Rockin' my monkey Jammies

Oh yea, did I mention that I don't have a binky anymore? And that I haven't for months now? Cool right?!

I'm part dog. Sometimes.

Playing tag with Mommy at a park.

Park had a cool fountain there! Couldn't swim in it though :(

Just a quick smile.

Um yea, don't know how I ended up like that, but I was sleeping. Originally, it was standing with my back on the bed.

Spending time at Grandma's house.

My cousin Chey caught this cool picture.

At Kayleigh's 1st birthday party.

Saying 'cheeeeeeeeese'

I love the sand.

playing with my new friend.

So excited. Over what? I'm not too sure anymore.

I was a little cold after getting soaked in the fountain. And I had to do a walk of shame. What's that mean? I had to walk, in my diaper alone, all the way to the car. We weren't expecting me to get wet, apparently.

And as you can tell, I enjoyed it. Thoroughly.

I really like hitting the water.

Before I was super wet.

So those are the pictures for now. You'll get more soon. Scouts honor, that's if I'm a scout when I grow up. We'll see.

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