Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today, Mommy talked to the Pediatric Hematology nurse. The 3rd round of tests were back and they have diagnosed me with Von Willebrand's Disease Type I. She said that I have a mild case of it, but nontheless, have a bleeding disorder. It explains why I'm always covered in bruises. That and just being a kid at least. So what does this mean? Pretty much, Mommy has to make sure I'm not trying to be the next Evil Kanevil and I'm limited on sports I'm allowed to play when I'm older. For instance, no football. Pee-wee or any other type of football are out. Daddy was bummed about that. I can do all the other pee-wee sports though, but so far, only the pee-wee ones. If I do pee-wee soccer, I'm not supposed to do headers because of the trauma to my head. And playing soccer further than pee-wee, well that's still not known yet. The nurse says that track and swimming are good sports I could do though. Just no diving. Again, trauma to my head, not allowed. Any sport that is contact is a no-no. They aren't worried about me just cutting myself and bleeding that way, they also have to be worried about bleeding inside since I don't clot well. The disorder is like hemophilia, but not hemophilia itself. Right now, they aren't going to put me on any daily medicines. They just plan to use emergency treatments in case I were in some sort of severe trauma. The nurse gave Mommy the option to keep the medicine at home (since not every hospital carries it) or to just go to a hospital. We'll have it at home and if something happened, Mommy would take me to the hospital or my doctor to have them give it to me. Next month I might be having this thing called a Stimate Challenge. Stimate is a medicine that is in the form of a nasal spray. I can't use it until after I'm 2. With the challenge, they'll draw blood and then give me some Stimate. After 15 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins, and 2 hours they'll take more blood and test it to see if the stimate is doing what it's supposed to be doing. If not, then that medicine isn't an option for me. It doesn't work great for everyone. So that'll be next month, as long as Mommy gets her appointment too. She's getting tested also. Von Willebrand's is hereditary.

So that's about all that has been going on around here. Mommy has been working on getting my birthday party stuff all ready too. Otherwise, it's just been a slow week!!!

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