Monday, August 3, 2009


Friday I got to go to the zoo with Emma, my girlfriend friend and her Mommy and sister Baby Kaitlyn. Mommy was with us too. Daddy had work though =(. The zoo was all the way in Saint Louis! That's over 2 hrs in the car! It was ok though because Emma has a dvd player in there and we got to watch Cars, Dora, Diego and all of that! I really liked Cars, I hadn't seen it before. Dora and Diego are my favorite cartoons right now too! I've really be into watching toons and I beg Mommy and Daddy all the time to watch them now. But out of all of them, Dora and Diego are my number 1!

When we got to the zoo, the first place we went through were the frogs. I loved it!! I kept saying froggy and ribbeting. They were awesome. We then went through the bugs and butterflies. I even said Hi butterfly clear as day. I really liked the elephants. On my laptop, I push 'E' and up comes an Elephant so I kept calling them 'Eee" I got to see quite a few of those! They even had baby ones too! Me and Emma were standing watching the water in this huge tank thing and a hippo swam by! Right in front of us! It scared me a little. Later I got to see another tank full of just fishies and turtles. Of course, I really like them. I really liked all of the animals that I got to see. While looking at the lion, I was roaring like a lion does. The other people thought it was pretty funny. I even got on the ground and was roaring. Just a little entertainer, I am. When we went and looked at the penguins, my goofy side really came out. I was acting all sorts of crazy in there. Screaming, laughing, wiggling all around. Just having a grand ol' time. We found the kid's zoo a little before we were going to leave and in there I got to pet a few different animals. I liked the goats especially. I got to brush them too. A little bit later, we decided to start heading out, of course not without stopping at the gift shop. I was asleep through that though. I woke up just in time to be going out to the car and realized, I lost my binky while I was sleeping. That didn't make me very happy. Soon enough, I was distracted by Dora and french fries, and forgot all about my 'B'. I stayed awake the whole drive back to Emma's house too!! We didn't get there until 10:15pm too!!! I had a great time at the zoo!

The next day, me, Mommy, and Daddy went to one of Daddy's friend's house for a BBQ. I got to play outside a lot! A kid's favorite place to be, ya know. I hardly ever wanted to be inside and when I was inside, I was asking to go back outside. Even when it was dark out. I liked looking at the moon. There were a couple other kids there too, so I had some friends to play with. The rest of the weekend, was pretty boring. We didn't really do anything. So that's it! Now you can check out all my pictures!!!
Me and Ems..holding hands.

you see...that's an Eeee


I was showing everyone where the snake is. I got in trouble after throwing a fit and biting Mommy for making me leave the snakes. I mean, I only got to stand there for 5 minutes. So not long enough.

Just a couple monkeys checking out some monkeys

the lion is down there!

still looking at the lion.

putting on my show.

Pretty kitty.'s it going.

I got to play in the mister.

There's a bear. And I'm staring at a train.

In with the penguins

Happy Feet!

Getting a better look of the one that splashed me.

Now checking out some puffins.

Those were so cool!

Can you say Dippin' Dots?

What, you've never heard of froggyback riding?

Double riding.

Hey there billy, how ya doing?

I don't know how he got up there. I tried.

Here, let me fix that flyaway for you.

Making sure to get everyone equally.

Gonna get wet.

Yea, I'm not tired or anything.

Playing at Daddy's friend, Brad's house.

Being cute.

Showing Mommy that I'm going to be two

Two is old enough to drive, right?

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