Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Med

Yesterday I had a doctor appointment at the Children's Hospital. This was to test out a new medicine on me and see if it would work for me or not. It's not an everyday medicine, just one for me to take when I have bad scrapes/cuts or bumps and bruises that are problematic for me. For instance, if I scrape my leg in the road and it keeps oozing, then mommy will give me the medicine and it'll help it stop oozing. If I were to hurt my ankle and it was swelling, mommy could give me to medicine to help with that too. Also for bruises that hurt. The medicine will also help if I were to have a bad accident (car accident or something) and they couldn't get my emergency medicine, Humate P, to me quick enough, this new medicine Stimate will give more time. The down side, Stimate is only temporary. It only lasts a couple hours. It temporarily doubles my counts and helping the clotting process. Humate P, well that's an IV injection that directly replaces what my blood doesn't have. Make sense? Yea, me either. It's a good thing Mommy knows what it all means though. So yesterday, what they had to do was put an IV in my hand, take some blood, give me stimate (it's a nasal spray), then take blood at 15 mins, 30 mins, and 60 mins after I got the medicine. They're pretty sure it works for me. I was clotting before they could put the blood in the test tubes. And you know what I got for being such a good kid? CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM! They could take all the blood they wanted if that meant I got ice cream! So that's what was happening here! There will be blogs more often mommy said.
Waiting for the numbing cream to work.

Playing with my favorite toy there!

Driving around.

My IV. See all the tape?

I adapted to being one handed pretty quickly. I had one of those bored things on.

And Mommy threw this is just for fun. Me and Austin today at wal-mart. Cute huh?

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