Sunday, September 20, 2009

Riding the Ducks!

Yes, I rode the DUCKS!!! But before we get to that first things first. Nana and Papa are HERE!! They got here on thursday and stay until tuesday! Cool huh! I missed them and was so excited when I woke up from my nap on thursday to Nana getting me from my room! I of course had to make sure to show them everything and act like my total goofball self. Friday, Daddy had to work, so me, Mommy, Nana, and Papa went to Springfield to Bass Pro Shop. Papa wanted to take me and we were hoping all the work they had been doing when we went the last time Nana and Papa were here was done. It wasn't, but thats ok. I got to see lots of boats, and a whole bunch of turtles and fish and some snakes too!! I really liked all of them! Saturday, Daddy's friend Travis and his family came over for a football game. We BBQ'd and stuff like that. I got to play with their daughters too, they're 11 and 3. We had fun! Today, we all went to Branson. That's where riding the ducks comes in! Me and Mommy rode the ducks! Those we're fun. Mommy, unfortunatly didn't get a picture of the duck but it's a vehicle from WWII that goes on land and in water. Cool huh? I thought so. I also got this fun wacky quacker that did duck quacks when you blew into it! I had fun with that. I also got to go in a bunch of boats today too. I drove and drove and drove. Did I mention that I drove the duck too? Well, I did. I drove it in the water. Anyways, we had lots of fun today in Branson. Can't wait til tomorrow for Nana and Papa to come back over! Now its time for a bath for me then off to bed I go!
Testing out a Tracker boat!

Is that a bear behind us?

Riding in the boat. I'm actually saying weeeeee

Now that's a boat!

Did someone say cheese?

Smiling with my Nana

Mommy being goofy, me and Nana

Blowing our wacky quakers.

Checking out the scenery on the Duck.

Smiling for Mommy.

Having some fun on the duck.

Oh no! I grew a duck bill!

I look unhappy, but, I'm just staring down the driver.

Checking out the water.

Me and my Mommy

Running around.

Runnin from Daddy.
Still going!
He's almost got me!

Just me and Daddy.

Boys will be boys.

Riding with Daddy.

Papa, Daddy, Me... 3 generations.

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