Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Fall is here. With fall comes...pumpkins! A few days ago, we headed on over to a pumpkin patch!! A bunch of my friends were going and Daddy didn't have to go to work so I got to spend time with my friends and Mommy and Daddy! Super cool! This was my second time at a pumpkin patch. I got to go to one last year too, but I was smaller so I wasn't super into it yet. But this year. I loved it! We got to go on a hayride, pick our own pumpkin, go through a corn maze (which I led the way, just so you know), pet and feed some goats. We also jumped around in some hay too! There were soo many pumpkins to choose from, and of course, I had to find the perfect one. Eventually I did and I'm very proud of my pumpkin. Once we were done picking pumpkins, we headed back onto the wagon for the last part of our hayride. Once done with that, we all decided to climb on the big huge pumpkins before heading to pet and feed all the goats. I really liked feeding the goats. I'd sit there and give them handfuls of food while having a little conversation with them. They'd lick me and give kisses. I think they liked me. Once we ran out of food, we headed on over to the corn maze. It was a big maze. I of course, had to take the lead. There was only a very short part where some of my friends took the lead, but I did it most of the way. It was fun running down the trail in all that corn! And when we found our way out, I wasn't done and Daddy had to convince me to leave by feeding the goats and jumping in the hay. That was a lot of fun too. I'd jump off the hay bales into the hay pit (there was a big matress covered in hay so we bounced). At one point, I fell out the entrance and hurt my ankle. That ended my jumping fun, but I did have just enough left in me to feed the goats once more. All in all, we all had so much fun! Mommy might take me back next week too! I hope she does, I want another pumpkin. Since Daddy has Mommy's camera and a lot of the pictures have to be developed (who uses film cameras these days??) you guys are gonna have to be held over with some cell pictures. Mommy added a few extra to help hold you over!
This is what it would be like to have a twin brother.

No our Mommies didn't tell us to hold hands. We made that decision on our own.

Heading to the corn maze. Although they beat me there I was the first down the maze =)

It was a little bumpy.

A few of my friends.

Taking my lead back.

Running with Daddy.

Smiling with Daddy. We had fun.

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