Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkins and Go Karts

Earlier this week, Mommy, me, Austin, and his Mommy all went to the pumpkin patch. It was a nice warm sunny day so we wanted to be outside. I'd been there before, but Austin and his mommy hadn't. It was a lot of fun! We fed the goats, jumped in some hay, went through the corn maze, played in some corn, and even rolled on down to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. So much stuff! After we found our way out of the corn maze, I decided to tell Mommy I wasn't done and I wanted "more corn" and tried to go back to the maze. Didn't work out too well for me. I just really like running around in the big stalks of corn. What kid wouldn't? But, it was time to head down to pick our pumpkins. Of course, after a pit stop in the corn bin. That was fun too. I of course had to test out the corn you know. Didn't taste too great. Finally, we climbed in the wagon, and Mommy pulled us down to the pumpkins. I got to pick one out too! We ended up leaving with 2 huge (at least to me) pumpkins. It was a good day!
Yesterday, Me and Mommy headed up to Osage Beach. She had to go to the phone store because her phone is weird. It doesn't like to work all the time. I went because I wanted to go on the go-karts! She made the mistake of mentioning them to Daddy, and I was sold. On the way up there, we were driving a curvy road, and I thought it'd be fun to hold my hands up in the air while saying 'weeeeeee'. Mommy thought it was pretty cute. I would yell go, go go!! And things like up, up, up when going up hills. It was a fun car ride. We got to the phone store and they worked on Mommy's phone. After, I decided I was hungry, so Mommy took me to McDonalds. I like my chicken nuggets with sweet&sour sauce. And of course french fries! Everyone around us was eating ice cream, so of course, I had to have one of those too. Mommy obliged and got me one of the little kids cone. Ohh it was yummy. You know how I love ice cream. After that was all said and done, we headed to the go-karts. I'd never been in one, and I was finally old enough! So we bought our tickets, headed down the stairs to the track, and got on in. I got buckled in and we hit the track! It was fun! I'd hold my hand up in the air (one because the other was holding onto Mommy. I needed something to hold me up) and just let the wind blow in my face. A boy's dream. I can't wait til I'm old enough (and tall enough) to drive myself!
Jumping in some hay.

jumped off one of the hay bales.

hmm..which way?

the corn bin with Austin.

Picked my pumpkin. Just waiting for Austin to bring the wagon on over. Anytime now.

Sitting with my pumpkin.

All of the pumpkins.

Running with the goats.

Say cheese?

I told you I love ice cream!

The car ride up. Saying Weeeeee. Just practicing for the go kart.

In the go kart.

reading my book on the way back from St. Louis.
Playing some pool with daddy and grandpa
relaxing in the hot tub.

just hanging. I also love water.

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