Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy "Ween"!!

Happy 'Ween' everyone! Well really I mean Halloween but I like to say ween instead. Guess what I was this year?! A t-rex!! Totally cool, huh? I thought so! I would rawr and everything! Well, today, since it was sunny out (it hasn't been for a long time!) Mommy and Daddy took me to the park to play. Those pictures will come on here another day. It's late to do them tonight. But, while at the park, they decided to get me suited up for some sunny pictures as a dinosaur. I had fun with it. Running around and everything like that. Later, we ate some dinner, suited me up again, and we were off to trick or treat! Boy oh boy, do I love trick or treating! So much fun! I mean, of course getting lots of candy and treats is fun, duh! I'd trick or treat in style. By that, I mean, I rode my quad around house to house. Pictures of that to come later too. Mommy just wanted to do a small update for you! So here are a few pictures (including one of each of my last 2 halloweens) to hold you over! Keep checking for the other pictures! Oh, and did I mention I had a really fun halloween? I thought I did, just wanted to make sure though!!

I was Squirt from finding nemo at 10 weeks old.

A lion of course. I rawr'd then too.


running away :) I couldn't find my tail for awhile.

Yes, I have a lollipop. :) MMMHHHMM.
Don't forget to look for the other pictures to come too!

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