Thursday, September 3, 2009

Party Time...

Only a week and a half later. Mommy has really been meaning to update about my birthday party. It was lots of fun. I had a lot of friends show up too. So pretty much, good friends + good food=great time. Add in presents for me and cake on top of that, and it was an even better time! We had really good weather so we were able to keep the party outside like we wanted to do. Mommy was worried that the weather wasn't going to work with us, but it did. We had lots of water things out. The theme was hot wheels. Fitting don't you think? I had a cool cake that was a big number 2 and the 2 was a race track..with actual hot wheels on it! Unfortunately, we don't have a picture of that cake on Mommy's digital camera. Its on Daddy's film camera, and we haven't developed the film yet. But don't worry, Mommy's friend Lauren made me a couple race car cakes and Mommy got a picture of one of them. I had so much fun with all my friends and family. Grana (Grandma, Mommy's mommy) was here for my birthday too. She stayed for almost a week. We had lots of fun together. We would run around all over the place playing with all my new toys or coloring the driveway with chalk. Fun, uh. Other then the party, things have still be slow. I've just been playing with new toys or hanging with my buddy Austin, nothing too exciting. Mommy hopes to start going to more playdates again soon. Then we'll have more to update on. Otherwise, enjoy all the pictures Mommy put up! There's lots of them!

Birthday Boy. Big 2 year old!!

My friends.

Enzo and his Mommy.

Mowing behind Austin.

I really like my new bubble mower from Austin and his Mommy and Daddy.
We have matching mowers now.

Everyone hangin' out.

The bubble man. Really, that's Grana's friend.

Still mowing. Cooling off a little. It's hard work ya know.

Mommy stopping me for a quick picture.

And off I go again. Needless to say, I ran out of bubbles.

Presents and food.

Licking frosting off my face. Those are all the cars that were on my cake.

Cheese. That's one of the race cars that Mommy's friend made me. Yummy

And that was after I dug in.

Does this cake match my eyes? I was using it as my new race track.

Present time.

See my new quad???


And my big present. Mommy had Daddy put it together earlier that day, but I didn't know about it. And they covered it up so I didn't see it, not to mention the friends who sat in front of the covered thing on purpose, so I didn't get nosey. I was soooo excited when I saw it! Can you tell?

Kisses for Daddy.

And for Mommy too.

A happy birthday boy that just wanted to play with his brand new train table already.

After I played with my table for a little bit. I didn't go willingly, see the trains? But boy did I crash...

We were dropping Grana off at the airport.


This was me throwing a fit at Emma's house. They took my B (binky) from me, and I wanted it back. I didn't fall over the chair exactly and I am holding myself in that position. Excuse the tutu I'm wearing. Emma made me.

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  1. That last picture is too cute! Looks like a great time! I can't believe how big he is now. I remmeber watching him trying to walk at Ty's house on Halloween last year. Anyways, looks like you guys are settled in over there, glad everything is going well!