Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Me and Mommy made 'Jaeden's Reward Chart' tonight! On it, there is a list of things for me to do and for each one I do, I get a sticker on the chart. After a single thing 5 times, I then get a special reward. Each as a certain reward that I get. I'm really excited about this. So much so that I jumped up and cleaned up my toys to get my first sticker. My list is pee in the potty, poop in the potty, clean up toys, and finish my food. We'll add more as I grow and Mommy thinks of more things. And my rewards are a piece of candy, new hot wheel (pooping is a big deal for me), extra Dora time, and a special dessert. How exciting is that?! Tonight I wasn't ready to pee on the potty yet, but I told Mommy I'd be a big boy tomorrow and pee on the big boy potty. So wish me luck!

Sorry the picture is blurry.. It was Mommy's phone fault. But you get the idea.

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