Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another visit

I had to go to the doctor again. This was an appointment with a specialist that we were referred to. Mommy put more about the doctor visit here so you could catch up on it. I wasn't too thrilled about it. I did good though. That's what the nurses kept saying. Mommy put up some pictures too.

There hasn't been a lot going on otherwise. Yesterday was Mommy and Daddy's anniversary so I went over to Laura's house to play with Aida and Adarah and Franky while Mommy and Daddy had some alone time. I had fun there. I was being my crazy goofball self. I like to jump off of their couchs and wrestle their dogs and just be crazy. Franky put a big pillow on the floor for me to jump onto also. Just so I didn't hurt myself. When Mommy and Daddy came back, I was still running around being crazy. And on the car ride home, I stayed awake the whole time. It was like almost a whole hour!! I did pass out once they put me in my bed though, and I slept til 10 this morning. Mommy was happy about that! Otherwise, things have been pretty boring around here!

Don't I just look thrilled??

Playing with the trains I took from the playroom to my room.

This was right before I threw it.

I decided I could give Mommy one smile.

See the shiny stuff in the 3 spots? That's to numb those spots.

Taking my blood pressure.

After we got home. Mommy put me on the couch with some milk and turned around and I did this. I even slept the last little bit in the car too.

And continued to do this. This was for 2 hours. Until the dogs decided to wake me up. Not cool.

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