Monday, June 8, 2009


Lately, we have gone to the pool a lot. I love the pool. I love the water. Period. What kid in his right mind doesn't? The other day when Mommy and me were at the pool with a couple friends, we were hanging out in the big pool. Since obviously I don't know how to swim, yet, Mommy was holding me. I figured out this fun game to play. It's called Splash Mommy in the face. I thought it was so funny to splash her. It was even funnier when she would in return splash me back. That is, until I'm laughing so much I inhale water and start coughing on it. That doesn't stop me from starting the game over and over though. I've also turned into this ladies man. It started a few days ago when I was playing with a ball in the pool. I toss it in the water. A little girl looks at me and I point to the ball. She gets the ball and then brings it to me. I do this a few more times, and so does she. The next day Mommy brings my own ball to the pool. I try the same game out. It works. Another girl brings me my ball and I smile at her. Along with flirting with all of the mommies too. What can I say, I am my daddy's son. Today, Daddy had another procedure done on his back so we had to go to the doctors with him. He gets to stay home with us again tomorrow. I have to go to the doctors on thursday with Mommy. She says we have a long drive ahead of us to get to the hospital we have to go to. Daddy has to be at work though, so he can't come with us. It'll be a long day. Oooohh! I also learned a new trick today!

How to drink out of my own personal water fountain. Cool, huh?

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