Monday, July 13, 2009

Airplane, here we come!

We're going on another airplane ride tomorrow. We going to go see all of Daddy's side of the family in Spokane, Wa! What does this mean? I get to see a bunch of planes!! Nana and Papa along with everyone else I miss too! It's going to be awesome! I miss everyone a lot! Mommy is even making sure that I see some of my friends too! There's just so much to do! Very excited!!

On another note, I had to go to the blood doctor again last week for more tests. That wasn't too fun. I wasn't feeling well that morning and threw up twice. Once in the car. Did I mention that it's over a 2 hour drive! Not all that fun to have to stay in a wet carseat. Yuck! At least Mommy was prepared and changed me once we were out of the car! While we were there, I had to go straight to my exam room and stay in there. No play room that day since the other kids there with cancer and stuff get sick easily. It's ok, the nurse brought me in some toys, and once again Mommy was prepared and brought some too! Of course, they had to draw more blood. They numbed me again too. While Mommy was holding me in her lap and the nurses were getting ready to start, I saw the needle and started screaming 'No! No!". They were all a little surprised to see me recognize the needle and know what they were doing. Since I'm so strong hard to keep still, the first stick blew my vein or something. So they had to stick me twice! I did pretty well, even stopped crying to drink some sprite. After, we were able to leave. Mommy will know the results hopefully next week sometime!

You see my computer there? Well, I can actually play a game on there. What it does is show a letter and I have to find the matching letter on the keyboard and so forth. I'm really good at it. Aunt Cari had told Mommy while we were in CA that I knew how to play, but Mommy didn't really get what I knew. She was driving at the time, so I'll give her a break. It was while we were home that she saw me playing and was quite impressed. What can I say, I'm impressing!!

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