Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The last 3 nights, Mommy has been letting me sleep in a big boy bed instead of my crib here at Grandpa's house. The reason is Aunt Cari and Uncle Chris have been staying here with us and baby Kayleigh needed my crib. So she got the crib and I got one of the 2 big beds in the room me and Mommy stay in. So me and mommy each had our own beds. Well, the last three mornings Mommy has found me diaperless. Since its been hot I've been sleeping either in only a diaper or in a shirt and diaper. And I've taken my diaper off, each of the last 3 mornings. The first morning, Mommy found me sitting on the floor playing with her belt. I lifted up my shirt and was telling her something, and showed her I took off my diaper. She thought it was funny. I didn't pee anywhere so that was a plus. I took it off again yesterday morning. This morning, I found a pen and had drawn on myself, naked, and ended up waking Mommy up when I started drawing on her back. That's when she realized I was doing it naked. Kind of funny, huh? We thought so. Now Mommy is going to have to sleep a little lighter so if I get out of bed she wakes up. Sounds easy enough.

Yesterday, Mommy found a park with a splash pad by Grandma's house. So we went out there with Grandma, Aunt Cari, and baby Kayleigh. Only I was going to go in the water, but after I slipped and fell, Mommy changed and went in with me. What's cool is the playground was right by the water so I got to go play on the slides! I really like the slides now. I'm able to go down sitting up now too! Sometimes, I don't make it all the way down still sitting up, but that depends on the size of the slide. Mommy has taken me to parks a few times this week. I'd get so excited when I'd see the park. Mommy was surprised because for a while I didn't care much for the playground itself. Well, now I do.

Me and baby Kayleigh we're cuddle buddies.

Don't I look like a giant next to her.

I lost my balance :)

making my way back to the slides.

Racing Rochelle down the slides.

Meeting my bud Seth down at the bottom.

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