Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Review.

Since Mommy hasn't been able to get any pictures on here for a little bit, be prepared for a ton of them now!! As you know, the past few weeks have been crazy for us. We went to California at the end of June to visit Mommy's side of the family and to meet my new cousin Kayleigh. We had a great time! I adapted really well and didn't skip a beat while we were there! I had fun seeing all my uncles and aunts and grandmas' and grandpas' and cousins! We came back home the night before the 4th of July to make sure to spend the holiday with Daddy, since he couldn't come with us.

Just over a week later, me and Mommy got on the plane again and went to Spokane to see all of Daddy's side of the family there. I was so excited to see everyone!! I've already mentioned this excitement before. This time though, I'm showing it in pictures!! I had a really good time there too, and was pretty sad this past Sunday when Nana and Papa weren't here at bedtime. It was a rough few nights until I adjusted to being home again. Mommy let me call them and talk to them before bedtime so that help me a little bit. That and cuddle time with Mommy and Daddy.

So now we're home. No planned trips for a little while. I'll be 2 soon so it's going to cost more to go and visit. Grandma Nora, Mommy's mommy, is coming to visit for my birthday. That'll be fun. Nana and Papa are supposed to come the next month, September. I'm excited for that too.

So here are my trips, in pictures.

Me and Uncle Eric (Mommy's brother) were eating some bananas and cherrios..yumm
from left to right...cousin Kayleigh, Grandma Nora, Aunt Cari, Uncle Eric, and Uncle Adam. Mommy's sister and brothers.

Three Generations.

The other three generations.

While there, we went to Mommy's friend's wedding. This is what I did.

Just hangin'. Taking a breather

Although, it's blurry, it's still cute.

Dancing with Mommy.

Kisses for Mommy.

I liked her. I followed her around.

Burning off some energy.

Kisses with Aunt Cari.

Watching Uncle Chris change baby Kayleigh. He likes the way I say Chris.

Mommy and us.
And that was our trip to California.

Now to Spokane.

After our flight and dinner, Nana and Papa took me to Riverfront Park to play on the Big Red Wagon. For those who don't know, it's a slide that is a HUGE wagon.

Hangin' with my Papa

I'm ready!

Almost a year ago, I took pictures in that same spot.

I was showing Papa the geese Papa was showing me the geese.

Time to leave and go see G-Gma (that's Daddy's Gma!)

While in Spokane, I got to hang out with some old friends at a playdate! I had so much fun there! As the next few pictures will show.

Even though Mommy cut out part of my face, it's still pretty cute, eh?

Still playing.

can you say....Handsome?

Playing with my friends.

While there, they did a little birthday party for Mommy Me. It lasted 2 days because I was so worn out from all the fun, I fell asleep before cake and presents!

Having some fun with Nana.

I even got to swim with G-Gma and G-Gpa! Don't I look happy?

Getting my boat ready for boating.

This was day 2.

G-Gma showing me my cool Nemo cake.

Aunt Kris getting all the presents out for me!!

Me tearing them open!!


And planes!! I take them with me everywhere!!

And my train gets to tag along too!

All I kept saying is Truck!! Truck!! Truck!! Isn't it cool?

Papa, the present opener. See how nicely I am waiting for my truck?

And my CAKE!

Blowing out the candle with Mommy.
And those are the pictures from my trip. I really had a great time, ya think?
Oh yea, so I was sitting on my potty tonight and I started to push some pee out. It wasn't a bunch, but nontheless, I peed in my potty. Well, I then touch my penis before Mommy could stop me and it got wet. What do I say? Juice!! Mommy was real quick to make sure I didn't somehow get my Juice pee covered hand in my mouth!

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun everywhere! I'm so glad we got to see you not just once but TWICE while you were here! And how funny that both the boys did Nemo parties! lol...great minds!